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Don’t dig straight down. Dig 2 blocks straight down instead for a lot more safety.

This is the best Minecraft advice anyone will ever give you.

Also, I’ll tell a quick story. So the first time I ever played Minecraft, I had no real Idea what I should do. I just sort of started exploring and found a cool little hole-like area to start building a house in. Well, I didn’t build quick enough and it ended up getting dark and a spider got me. When I respawned, I thought that the little bit of progress I had just made was wiped out by my death so I started over. I found a good place for another house and started building. Over the next few months, my house got bigger and bigger as did my mine (which btw had started with a shaft that I had dug straight down to the bedrock. Lucky me).

One day, I was mining and decided it was time to start digging upward again and see where I ended up. Wouldn’t you know it, I dug up into the middle of my original house. One of the craziest gaming moments of my life. What are chances?!


Digging straight up can be doom as well. Might find a lava pond or a water source, or a shaft of gravel.

Oh. Recent game I played that is obviously Minecraft inspired: “Craft the World” is fantastic. It’s on iOS and probably other platforms. It’s 2d/sideview. The biggest feature draw for me was how you control a bunch of dwarves instead of controlling just one man. You issue them commands like “dig that block” or “build this object” and one of your dudes goes to do it. You don’t even have to select a guy to go do it. (But you can).

Also, the guys tend defend themselves and run when needed. And the campaign mode has a tech tree that gives you goals and tells you recipes. It was very well thought up to work with touch controls. It feels somewhat like an RTS combined with minecraft, and tower defense. That last part because every 45 minutes of gametime the monsters try to raid you.

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I was the same but on creative PC, I only placed TNT for about an hour and only then found out how to set fire to it. The explosion was bigger than I thought. :blush:

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I play Terraria as well as Minecraft. Is it like that apart from the dwarfs. I’ll look at that game :wink:

Edit: I looked at the game and it seems good. I might get it for PC

Yes. It’s also got some Terraria in it, but more evolved. Now I just wish that some of the features present in Craft the World make it over to minecraft or to a mod for it so I could experience it in 3d.

Ha. That was my problem with Terraria. Needs to be a Minecraft 1.8.8 mod for it as the old mod is too old. :cry:

That said, Craft the World is tons of fun, pretty straight forward (I only had to look up a few things online, as opposed to everything for Terraria or Minecraft).

On a friends server I once used a nametag on a skeleton and caged it in a glass box near their sheep farm.

Also, on friends servers I tended to be the transportation director. I’d usually build the rail and portals between two distant parts of the map to facilitate faster travel.

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Have you got the new updates ?

I haven’t played it in a long time. For various reasons. Self imposed mostly. Still. It’s a damn fun hobby/game.

Yeah, those are both true :sunny:

Ressurect the dead thread! :wink:

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Unless you have something to add to the thread, please dont “resurrect” it just for the sake of resurrecting.

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Ok. But I don’t want to “resurrect” it in a year instead…

I wanted to try the borderlands mod for minecraft but it’s kinda harder to find now. I was kind of getting tired of mostly melee combat in minecraft. Combining borderlands with minecraft is a damn sweet idea.

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