All three brother in arms controls were horrible. New game needs better controls

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If Gearbox makes a new Brother in arms, the controls need to be modernized and using the third game as an example.
All three brother in arms had horrible controls. All three game were published by Ubisoft.

I just finish playing all three games. The first two game the tanks were terrible.

First complaint is that the first two games, the tanks don’t auto flank and take forever to kill enemy tanks. I like the fact that you are controlling the tank during the third one, but no option to command other tanks like the real war. Would be nice to be tank commander(like Fury) and command other tanks like the old game to flank. Especially when it comes to killing tiger tanks.

Second is removal of features of the first game. Melee was removed and the ability to tell squad to assault attack. Those controls are fine and should’ve been in the third instalment. Hopefully those feature comes back to the new game.

Now onto the controls of the third game. Controlling two squads a was kind of a pain in the first two, but, three was even worst. What would be nice is to set number “1”, “2”, and “3” button to command squad on what area to go and double tap twice to tell them to follow. This will help on the issue of constantly switching squads and making it easier for squads to get to certain areas faster.

Zoom can finally be “right-click” like every other game. Setting mouse wheel as squad select would be a better option. “Q” can stay as switch weapons like every FPS game.

The running feature was terrible because it was linked to vaulting. It was the opposite of Rainbow Six Vegas making it very difficult to get to cover without screwing up. It would be a good idea to bring the vault and sprint system from rainbow six vegas over to the new game, if the new game is going to be like the third. Vault and sprint should not be the same button. Instead sprint and cover will be the same button(“shift”) and “space” should be vaulting and jumping(also removed feature from first two games).

I also dislike the fact that your stuck in crosshair mode while in cover. Would be nice to change it to aim down sights because apparently aim down sights seem much more accurate in the third game than crosshair mode. Not sure about the new game.

Also adding the ability to prone and crawl especially for squad command would be nice under “Z”. AI squad might auto prone especially under heavy fire in open.