All Time Favorite BL Character?!? NPC included!

Based solely off character personalities throughout all the BL games (playable or NPC) who is your favorite? Put aside all that blood sweet and tears you shed with your characters as you were tortured play through after play through and remember what kept you alive! All those wacky and tacky citizens of Pandora/Elpis that’s what!!

Me personally, overall I have to give it to my main man Mr. Torgue. Anytime this man enters the scene its party time! (With EXPLOISIONS!!!) He is just too funny, like a giant baby that solely wants to blow things up haha.

Edit: Any character mentioned throughout the series is fair game, whether how big or small their role was. Can even be a simple mention of someone’s name once and then never heard of again. (Example: BL2 side mission, SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!!! Need I say more.)

Everybody who knows forums me knows what i am going to say…


BL1: Mordi
BL2: Gaige
BLTPS: Athena, maybe Nisha

BL2: Mister Torgue

If I could pick only one, it would be a no-brainer.

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Mr. Torgue. General Knoxx might be second.

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Forgot about Knoxx…

Looking over his blunder of a charcater in the main game of Borderlands 2, Mordecai.

But we already knew this.

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Nope, never happend. He never touched a drop of Rakk-ale (or what it was called).

PC: Lilith

NPC: Knoxx or Torgue, not sure which.

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Very shocked no love goes out to my best bud in evil doing, Shadow Trap! By far my most enjoyable character to listen to in TPS though his journey came to an abdrupt end with our own hands… He didn’t die in vain. With his noble sacrifice he has cursed the world with the last surving CL4P -TP unit and by far the most annoying one to be brought into existence. He brings hope to us all

A character you made up the entire backstory for? I’m calling bias.

Mentioned in story tho, its fair game.

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BL1. Bruce Mclane, Die Hard reference.

BL2. Jack, loved him talking about scooping that guys eye out with a spoon.

TPS. Janey Springs, always trying to get some V from the other women in the game.

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Damn, can’t believe I forgot Jack.

Torgue, Jack, then Knoxx.





Haaaannnddsome Jack. I dunno which one to choose, those are my favorite NPCs.

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My favorite for tps: is nisha, i need more people to play with though, im level 25 on nisha on xbox one and my gamertag is my username

Steve the Bandit HEYOO!

TK tk tk tk tk (I needed 15 characters)

I’ve got a thing for obscure NPCs!

A few faves:

Shade, Michael Mamaril, InuendoBot, to name a few.

The child CEO of Atlas…

Gotta give a shout out to the majority of side mission Clappy’s in the Claptastic Voyage, they were just hysterical. Jack in the box was awesome as well

Game maybe doesn’t quite live up to BL1/2 playable wise but far surpasses them in most casses dialogue wise in my opinion.

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The Byte Club Tyler Durden / Narrator Clappies!

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