All Unique Shotguns And Shields And Their Special Effects In BLTPS

I decided to make a guide about all unique shields and shotguns and their special effects in BLTPS

Asteroid Belt
Can be obtained from Guardian Hunter mission.(If Master Poacher is killed)
Straight From The Bug Homeworld
Chance to launch a Homing Meteor when damaged

Deadly Bloom
Can be obtained from Vendors or Grinder
What do you mean… Theoretically?
Explosive Nova triggered when shield or health depleted

Can be obtained from Shock Drop Slaughter Pit DLC
Return to sender
Transfers your status effects to enemy when you melee them

Only Tales From The Borderlands Season Pass owners can be obtain this shield
No recharge delay (0.0)

Rapid Release
Can be obtained from Springs’ chest in Serenity Waste during the mission "Nova? No Problem!"
Releases rapidly
Always shock element.Decerased capacity,damage,nova radius and recharge delay.Increased recharge rate

Shield Of Ages
Can be obtained from Claptastic Voyage DLC,Temple Of Boom Mission. (If you follow Gladstone’s instructions)
A shield for ages
Above average shield capacity

Can be obtained from Miss Moxxi’s toy box during the story mission "Home Sweet Home"
You look like you could use a drink
High booster drop chance.Drops “Slammer” shield
boosters when damaged.These boosters restores your health and increases your movement speed,reload speed and fire rate for a short time

Can be obtained from the mission “To The Moon” in Lunar Launching Station
Every time I shut my eyes
When depleted,fires incendiary projectiles in every direction.These projectiles has a high chance to burn the target.Also grants immunity to burn damage

Can be obtained from “Another Pickle” mission that located in Outlands Canyon
Rack off ya dag!
Slightly increased damage,magazine size,pellet count and fire rate.Always spawns with triple barrel

Can be obtained from any suitable loot source
Always,I want to be with you
Shots a spread of 5 explosive projectiles.These projectiles have colours (colours will change according to the element of the weapon).Always uses 2 ammo per shot

Only Borderlands users can get this shotgun. (You must have a save file)
One bad pup!
Greatly increased magazine size,increased critical hit damage and slightly increased accucary,firing speed compared to blue old-line Hyperion shotgun

Company Man
Only Tales From The Borderlands Season Pass owners will get this shotgun
Rhys will remember this
Greatly increased magazine size and moderately increased damage

Can be obtained from “Red,Then Dead” mission that located in Lunar Launching Station
What a BOOMING smile you have
Projectiles fire in a smiley face pettern,with low velocity and a lazy sine oscillation trajectory through the air.Splash doesnt deal elemental damage.With %50 explosive splash on impact

Only Tales From The Borderlands Season Pass owners will get this shotgun
Get off my moon lawn!
Fires 5 grenades in the shape of a square,and if shot at the ground,grenades’ll rise and explode
(When they touch an enemy)

Can be obtained from “Lab 19” mission
Octo means 9
Fires 8 pellets in 3x3 pellet with centre left pellet missing.Pellets are slow moving and fly in a sine-wave pattern while leaving yellow orange trails

Party Line
Can be obtained from The Holodome DLC
Always Incendiary.Increased damage.Projectiles will explode like fireworks,dealing splash damage

Too Scoops
Can be obtained from “Bunch Of Ice Holes” mission (You must give ices to B4R-BOT)
'Cos one’s never enough
Always cyro element,all parts fixed.Fires 2 cyro-element,grenade-like spheres that travel for a few seconds,Inflict damage to any targets in their path,then explode

Can be obtained from the mission “Torgue-o Torgue-o” that located in Serenity’s Waste
Shots three explosive projectiles in a fixed triangular spread.Each projectile produces number of smaller,delayed explosions on the impact

Can be obtained from “Zapped 3.0” mission
The Bush Bulldozer
Fires 5 small grenade-like projectiles at the cost of two shotgun shells.The projectile spread forms a rough pentagon,centered around the weapon’s aim point.Each grenade travels in a straight line and sticks to surfaces,exploding after six seconds upon contact with an enemy

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