Allegiance in Borderlands 3

So it looks like the weapon gimmicks will be distinct enough in BL3 to make allegiance play something I’d be into (love it in BL2, but couldn’t get it to ‘click’ in TPS, for example). It also seems like the shields and grenades will similarly stick to some manufacturer-themed gimmick. First questions: have we seen any indication about manufacturer shield and/or grenade qualities? What are Atlas grenades and shields going to be like? Do they make any? Does Jakobs only make a Rough Rider, or did they get with it and make a line of shields/grenades this time?

There are nine manufacturers and four (to start) characters. I probably won’t start dialing in an allegiance until I get one, maybe two characters through one storyline each (so I have a good feel for which characters fit which manufacturer gimmick set).

@Exotek, have you eyeballed the game through this lens? I haven’t been paying too close attention to the skill trees (will dive in when I get my hands on the points), so have no idea what might work yet, but I’m excited to find out. I also haven’t heard of any allegiance-based COMs or relics, though I’d be surprised if they didn’t exist (as well as if they weren’t revamped somewhat).

Streamers don’t seem to open their inventory menus very often. Not sure if that’s something discouraged by Gearbox or not; they may not want some things revealed yet. There’s been quite a bit of lvl30 gameplay streams now so I would assume if manufacturer specific shields/coms/grenades are a thing that we would have seen them by now…IF menus were opened more often we would know for sure.

Granted, I haven’t watched a ton of those streams so maybe there have been some shown and I just missed them.

What could really shake things up for allegiance play in BL3 is that class mods don’t seem to have a specified manufacturer anymore.

And they do seem to have rando manufacturer specific bonuses capable of spawning too from the screen grabs I’ve seen. So much flexibility!

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Allegiance runs should be bettter than ever. The weapons are just so much more unique that allegiance runs will feel different for each manufacturer, even with the base guns and items.

In regards to grenades: I remember Atlas grenades (don’t know what they did though), and I don’t know about shields. And besides the RR I haven’t seen any non-weapon Jackobs items.

The VHs don’t seem to be limited at all, but they encourage certain playstyles. Fl4k for example is a Beast (pun intended) with Jacobs’ new gimmick. It looks so cool to see them doublekill enemies. They are also really strong with quickfire weapons. Amara and Moze both have bonuses for explosive/splash damage which might make them viable Tediore characters. Also, Amara is the elemental gal and is far beyond anyone else when it comes to Maliwan. Moze is a monster with Vladof, COV and Torgue, depending on the tree and she is absurdly tanky with Pangolin shields if skilled in her shield tree. And she likes to play with fire. Zane loves cryo, so Maliwan should fit well, but his mobility makes many playstyles possible. His “Under Cover” tree will probably be great with snipers, which brings Jacobs to the spotlight. And he will be an effective Atlas user as the tracking function works in his favor with many of his skills, especially, again, his “Under Cover” tree.

Overall the variety this time is through the roof and we will see some fantastic allegiance runs once the game is out.

From what I’ve seen, after normal and TVHM, there will be 3 mayhem modes. Sort of like OP levels, except having to do with specific tasks ( as I understood it ). Check YouTube.

Sadly we don’t know much about the shield and grenade mod manufacturer gimmicks yet. Safe to assume that they will mostly follow the same gimmicks as Borderlands 2. Shield wise, as far as I know we don’t know yet if Atlas shields from BL1 will return, and if they do return, if they will have the same high shock resistance gimmick as Borderlands 1, or an all new gimmick. Same goes for Children of the Vault shields, we don’t know if they exist, or if they follow the same gimmick as the Bandit and Scav shields from Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2. Same goes for Grenades, as far as I know, we don’t know if Atlas Rain grenades are returning, or if Children of the Vault will have grenade mods. Likewise we don’t know yet if Jakobs has started making shields or grenades.

We’ve seen a lot of shield and grenades at this point, it’s a different system than 2. Effects are tied to parts. Shields and grenades spawn with more effects as they increase in rarity. Up to three effects at once on a purple shield! It’s unclear what role manufacturer plays (maybe something to do with what possible effects you can get?). Shield manufacturers we have seen are Hyperion, Pangolin, and Anshin. Even the Rough Rider is Anshin this time around so I think that’s all of them. Grenades have at least tediore, atlas, vladof, torgue, and I think Pangolin but I haven’t paid as much attention.

OMG I forgot about rain grenades! One of the few things I missed in BL2 from BL1. Oh dude, I hope they’re back in BL3.

Ah… was wondering if these guys were going to be pushing their shield wares in BL3.

10 manufacturers: if you count alien.

Oh weird - didn’t see that listed on the VIP media page of manufacturers. That doesn’t help my math though, but I’ll take it!

Eridian is a manufacturer, but alien is a sub set. Any weapon can have the “alien” add on.

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Weapons or just relics (or other stuff?)

Is the ‘alien’ attribute like ‘gemstone’ or something? Like it adds some enhancement?

It looks like alien is associated with certain parts, mainly the barrel, in a similar way to e-tech in BL2. For example this Dahl weapon has an alien barrel, and in this case it’s responsible for the “increases damage the longer you fire” effect on the card. Not sure how that one fires but I’ve seen a COV gun where the alien barrel basically turned it into a beam laser from TPS. I would guess this gun is similar.

We have seen eridian as a manufacturer on artifacts. Nothing else confirmed. I have wondered whether Shloot gun from the trailers was Eridian because of the glowy symbols and stuff. If Eridian makes anything else we haven’t seen it yet, but I’d be surprised if there’s anything outside of artifacts and maybe uniques

Also on topic: class mods don’t have manufacturers!

I’m pretty sure that the Gun Gun, The weapon that shoots out green-purple rarity weapons that you can pick up and use, is Eridian.

I’m on my first character through the game: will need to play the others to the limit to get a feel for what they’re capable of to match weapon gimmicks, but off the cuff, it seems like Moze would do well with Torgue, given the splash-based enhancements.

Anyone pick up an allegiance yet?

Well I’ll take that as a no.

On topic: Atlas weapons. If you know information contrary to this, do let me know, as I’ll be using this as part of the basis for my decision on how to break these out.

  • There are three tracker types:
    • Darts (like five or something that shoot straight out for a direct hit on a single enemy)
    • Pucks (magnetic?) - shoots out at a single enemy, but if the enemy dies before the puck runs out, it appears that it will hop onto a nearby one so you can keep going.
    • Grenades - lights up an area and everything therein is marked. I’m not sure yet how the weapons prioritize multiple enemies tagged like this.
  • They are non-elemental (seriously, have I just not seen one? I could have sworn I saw a fire one).
  • Some have splash damage, some don’t. I mean, I’m sure all the rocket launchers do, but the pistols and ARs seem to be mixed (and I am in a serious affair with their rocket launchers at the moment, by the way).
  • Their grenade schtick is that they’re homing? Is there more to it than this?

Grenades don’t “stick” They just work like grenade launcher.
I guess yes, they could have elements. I found Rebel Yell with shock.

I havent gotten any elemental Atlas guns, but I havent needed elemental damage anyway, at least not on Moze. (I think she adds Incendiary through skills though.)

I’m not specced for using them (if that’s even possible) but theyre devastating on TVHM/MM1 and MM2 if you track enemy weakspots for 100% crits.

I’m going to try MM3 once fires stop destroying the countryside and powerlines.

How’s this? I’ve had this happen seemingly randomly. Will the shots aim for the crit spot if we keep it in the crosshairs while they do their thing?