Allegiance Maliwan

I’m in need of a good build for my Krieg.
Im using the Hellborn skill three but my other points i cant decide Between bloodlust and Mania (Personally I would wanna go with Bloodlust)

Help a Brother out



Can you fill out your skill tree here then copy-paste the link into your post? That way it’s easier for others to see exactly what you’ve got so far.


Welcome to the forum bud. :wave: I hope everything you get in your crosshairs dies shortly after.

I am leveling a Hellborn/Bloodlust Krieg with a quasi Maliwan allegiance (also using Torgue weapons), and talked about this a bit yesterday with a fellow Krieg enthusiast. This post and a reply or two after in our back and forth may have some suggestions or ideas you find helpful.

I hope that you find something of use or interest in there.

It occurs to me that another forumer, @Hattie I believe, also has a Maliwan allegiance Krieg (she was actually the person whose posts gave me the idea. Thank you Hattie.). Maybe she has some insight into this question you might find helpful.

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5/5 Flame Flare would make me a tad nervous. I have it at 2 or 3 points and sometimes it puts me in FFYL.

What gear are you using? I’m mostly asking about com and shield. If you’re using a FotF then you could sink some points into Mania for increased shield delay and I’d think that Thrill of the Kill (my experience is that a Fastball is a great healing tool with this skill) would be helpful because Elemental Empathy heals generally won’t keep you up in a sustained firefight.

Still trying to farm Slayer of Terra com its the only Maliwan com
And I should be farming for the legendary shield the impaler >_< I never used it tho but it looks cool
Weapons are also purples at the moment

That makes sense. My allegiance is very casual so that’s not something I’m particularly worried about.

This is debatable. I like that shield more than most, but it has at least one problem if you’re specced into Hellborn. Once you’re on fire it would be pretty difficult to keep it up, and its benefits are only active when it’s up. That’s why the FotF, roid shields, and the Rough Rider get so much use, at least it’s part of the reason.

Purple gear is plenty good until you get your dream kit together. I might suggest the Volcano, Hellfire, and Infection. All three have high DOT chance and damage which makes Elemental Empathy Heals more effective.

Also the florentine i think the slag electric weapon is quite good and Maliwan ^^


The Florentine is a good pick, but not for the reasons I suggested those other pieces of gear. Shock DOTs don’t last long enough for good Elemental Empathy heals. For that fire and corrosive are king. I think that element matching makes those heals more effective too. I also think there are better slag tools, but that’s really a matter of taste and preference. I do like it for stripping shields, but not too much else.

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I’m uncomfortable without 5/5 flame flare,(if you are using the Legendary Torch you can probably just put 1 point in there), it improves quality and flow of play for me at least. Flame Flare (and Krieg’s natural self-immolation) is generally harmless, but if you catch a fire DoT from an external source (ie enemy fire guns/rpojectiles, or barrels) the extensive on-fire time can be nasty, but with a Rough Rider its not that big a deal. Of course, if you are using the FotF it could well be a liability.

The Good Touch is ridiculously easy to get and has reasonably high DPS, if you don’t want to farm a Hellfire its a solid alternative while levelling. The slag pimpernel would be your best bet for a slag tool. The florentine is interesting as its ability to apply 2 DoTs at once makes it quite useful for setting yourself on fire quickly, but if you are using a Slayer which boosts both BBB and FtF you won’t have any trouble at all lighting yourself.

A few comments on your build:

Blood Bath - One of Kriegs best skills, and a MUST HAVE, imo

Buzz Axe Bombardier - Makes little sense on a non-melee Krieg

Nervous Blood - With Bloodlust stacks and Elemental Elation comes bigger mag, which means fewer reloads. Fire Fiend = faster reload. Consider skipping Nervous Blood

Based on the assumption that you will be using a FotFH (Flame of the Firehawk) most of the time, I’ve adjusted your build to what I would have gone with. I will also assume that you, at some point, will pick up a slag Rubi or a Grog Nozzle. And finally, and this is not an assumption, you will use Maliwan gear exclusively.

The Slayer of Terramorphous is, unfortunately, the only Maliwan COM for Krieg, so you just have to live with it. It makes little sense for a COM that focuses on burn damage to boost skills like Strip the Flesh and Blood Trance. Apart from Rubi/Grog Nozzle, which are super good for healing in combination with the FotFH, you will also use Maliwan guns. Most of them, if not all, deal splash damage. Pain is Power is therefore a good choice.

Elemental Empathy will not be needed, since you get your healing from Grog/Rubi. Flame Flare will also not be needed since you will constanttly be setting yourself on fire due to the novas hitting enemies the whole time. I’ve placed those points in Feed the Meat, Embrace the Pain and Thrill of the Kill instead. That way you get longer delay, which keeps the FotFH going longer, you get more health and fire rate, and finally, you get good healing back, should you need it. The COM also boosts Thrill of the Kill, so there’s that!