Allegiance Relic Questions

Is there an extensive guide to Allegiance Relics? If not, there probably should be one. I know I’d enjoy reading one.

If one doesn’t exist, I would just like to know which weapons of each manufacturer would benefit greatly from their corresponding Allegiance Relic. I know a Tediore Allegiance relic that gives bonus Damage and Magazine size can benefit all Tediore weapons in general (making chucking reloads have huge damage outputs).

How about those Bandit, Jakobs, Hyperion, Maliwan, Torgue, and Dahl relics? Which specific weapons would benefit most from the buffs of the relics?
I’m very interested in knowing specific weapons that have a noticeable and significant improvement when used in conjuncture with an Allegiance Relic.

This may help you.


Helpful, yes.
But not exactly what I’m looking for.
I need more of a
“The Butcher can benefit from the Hyperion Allegiance Relic due to the bonus damage + Increased max accuracy” or “[Insert Torgue Gun Here] Can benefit from the increased Fire-rate etc etc”. I want specific guns that work extraordinarily good with a specific Allegiance Relic.

I’ve learned that the Tediore Relic + Baby Maker/Avenger makes for some really good damage. I want to see if there are any other combinations like that for other manufacturers.

Oh my mistake. I’ve never seen a guide like that, it would be nice. If I used them more often I could help, I do know that general speaking for elemental guns a matching bone of the ancients is better. Torgue guns can benefit from the relic because it increases mag size and fire rate so the ogre would be good with it.

No prob, thanks for the help. Also a Torgue Relic + the Ogre sounds like it could be pretty devastating actually.


The Bandit and Jakobs are probably your two best bets, but I don’t use those relics so I don’t rightly know. I do know the Jakobs one is highly recommended if you’re primarily using those weapons.

I love the Torgue Relic. Makes the magazine last forever. An explosive elemental relic is a very nice option with an Ogre, too.

Yeah, tested the Torgue Relic with an Ogre and an Doulbe-Penetrating Unkempt Herold, the magazine size increase +Firerate bonus really helps boost up DPS with both those weapons.

Just not sure if a Nasty or Wild Ogre would benefit more from the Torgue Relic. Also any of the Torgue Shotguns get a good use from it? Swordsplosion? Landscaper? Carnage or Flakker?

I’ll see if I also test out the Maliwan or Dahl Relics on my Maya.

Most torgue pistols/shotguns have small mags so I personally would just use an explosive relic with them. Nasty is the damage prefix bit what is wild again. You might be better off with an oger with the accuracy prefix since the ogre moves around a lot.

Wild is fire-rate. Also the Ogre has a huge magazine. On my Commando I’m able to get its magazine to about 190+ (with COM and his skill that increases mag-size with AR). A fast firing Ogre with 200+ in the magazine seems devastating to me. Also I think the DPUH will have a mag of like 54 with the Torgue relic?

The mag on the ogre isn’t a problem neither is fire rate or damage its accuracy is the only thing it needs help with. Which is why I think that’s the beat prefix for it.

I prefer wild or slippery b/c the Ogre seems to spin up faster with those prefixes, but a nasty ogre would be very nice. Torgue or Vladof grip, Dahl stock if your are picky on parts.

As for the relic, it can be useful on practically anything, but I find it most useful on the Ogre. For the most part, if I am running explosives, I chose a +39% explosive elemental relic. It is just so hard to beat. And if you happen to spec into overload, you increase your Ogre’s mag that way.

Generally, you’d want an allegiance relic to improve on the manufacturer’s shortcomings. A lot of Torgue weapons spend more than one ammo per shot and fire very slowly, that’s why an allegiance relic with boosts to magazine size and fire rate is usually the preferred one. Similarly, the crosshairs on Jakobs weapons go all over the screen if you spam the trigger, that’s why you’d want a relic with boosts to recoil reduction and accuracy recovery.

I’ve used the Dahl allegiance relic with the sandhawk that increases burst and mag size to take down Pete, not much diff than a shock bone which also gives faster cooldown for constant slag and more shock to eat his shield. I prefer the BOA. The allegiance relics seem very niche specific. I used to bank them jic something came up and because they are pretty rare with nice stats but I’ve fed most to the vendor over time.

Any allegiance relic will improve any gun for that given manufacturer. Most of them have damage increase so there is that. Try dahl burst delay on dahl guns. Really, a no brainer. One does not need a guide to see the improvements for given manufacturer.

Just a quick Q

What is better over all for a Torgue/Explosive build, a Torgue allegiance relic or an Explosive Relic? I can never decide between the two.

I’d go with the explosive relic.

I’d go explosive. My Axton runs 4 torgue guns so it helps all of them.

Thanks, that’s what I thought and use but I figured if ask the community so I know I’m using the “right” one.

Try 'em both, but I think you’ll be happier with the explosive one.