Allegiance Runs in TPS?

After having gone back into BL2 to try out some allegiance runs for the characters I hadn’t played or used to get to UVHM (Salvador, Maya, Axton), I’d been wondering how an allegiance run in TPS would pan out. Has anyone tried/completed one so far? Feel free to leave the class/manufacturer that you used, as well as suggestions.

Two brief observations:

  • From what I’ve seen so far, the COMs in TPS are far more diverse, with nearly every character having one from each manufacturer. If that’s true, it’d make more combos viable as opposed to the no-brainers that seemed to dominate BL2.
  • On the topic of variety, there’s an Oz Kit type from each manufacturer save for Jakobs and (I think) Scav. Correct me if I’m wrong. Given the variety in their purposes, new playstyles could be found for each character.

Scavs make the Cathartic Oz Kit.

First off all, there is no allegiance in this game, no relics or any sort of gear which would “force” you to use the same manufacturer gear. You could play some sort of “pseudo” allegiance tho. But with this one developers proved to me that they dont really care about any sort of “set” “allegiance” or call it whatever you want gameplay.

Wilhelm haves if not ALL, then 95% Hyperion COMs.

[quote=“Exotek, post:3, topic:116837”]
First off all, there is no allegiance in this game, no relics or any sort of gear which would “force” you to use the same manufacturer gear. …[/quote]
Not quite true – Timothy the Doppleganger can clearly (& quite effectively) be run as an allegiance build (ref: Company Man skill). Other than that, I’ve no particular interest in doing this.

Thats not the same thing. I do agree that Company Man feels like allegiance, but the other characters are cut short for the same thing. Imagine if allegiance is done properly. For example:
You have the allegiance relic like in BL2 which “triggers” allegiance mode, then for each other piece of gear they could give some extra bonuses same way as Company Man. Thats how i would do it with allegiance / set (whatever) in this game or any other future BL game.

A nisha build around the six-shooter com might make a mediocre Jakobs build.
Maggie, striker, hammer Buster, skullsmasher for ammo diversity.
But there’s no shields and Oz kits and grenades by Jakobs.

i’ve done a Hyperion only Doppelganger from lv 1 to 60.
right now i am doing a Maliwan only Baroness (currently at Level 57). (though i am cheating a little bit, cause my class mod is a Hyperion Celestial Baroness, this class mod is just tooooo good!!).

both worked fine.

next will be a Torgue only Claptrap or Jakobs only Nisha.

i easily did half a dozen one manufacturer only runs in BL1 and BL2. Atlas only Hunter in BL1 is by far my favorite one with the most playtime on.

EDIT: this one:

Haven’t gotten to BL1 allegiance runs yet (though I do plan on doing so at some point), but I have done a few in BL2 and plan to do a couple in TPS.

I’ve done Dahl Axton and Maliwan Salvador with Jakobs Maya and Torgue Zer0 underway, and as for TPS am working on Hyperion Nisha and Scav Athena. The only reason that most of those runs are possible though is the exception I take for allowing myself to use COMs or shields from any manufacturer either in place of/until getting a COM or shield from the chosen manufacturer, since Jakobs anyone is hell in the early game.

Kudos on the Atlas Mordecai run though - seems interesting just skimming through it.

thank you sir!