Alleigence runs seem to be quite popular

So I was farming Hyperius a bit and I managed to get a level 50 Torgue Casual Hulk (Three Way Hulk +2 pellets) and an Impetuous Ravager (-Dmg, +Mag size, +Fire Rate, +Reload Speed). Instead of just selling them, are there any Torgue alleigence runners in these forums who are interested?

These are the parts that construct the Casual Hulk:

  • Bandit Triple Barrel
  • Torgue Grip
  • Torgue Stock
  • Vertical Grip Accessory (adds the “Casual” prefix
  • Bandit Shotgun Sight

These are the stats on the item card:

  • Damage: 7656x15
  • Accuracy: 17.2
  • Fire Rate: 1.0
  • Reload Speed: 3.2
  • Magazine Size: 8
    • 1.8x Weapon Zoom
    • Consumes 3 ammo per shot.
    • Deals bonus explosive damage.
    • Monetary Value: $28,973

These are the weapon parts for the Impetuous Ravager:

  • Torgue Quad Barrel (4 ammo per shot)
  • Jakobs Grip
  • Jakobs Stock
  • Jakobs Scope
  • Shotgun Shells accessory (Impetuous prefix)


•Damage: 8687x16
•Accuracy: 26.6
•Fire Rate: 0.8
•Reload Speed: 3.2
•Mag size: 8


•3.7x Weapon Zoom
•+20% Weapon Damage
•-5% Weapon Fire Rate
•Consumes 4 ammo per shot.
•Deals bonus explosive damage
•Monetary Value: $35,341

GT: Hero Hurter 713