Allies blocking my shots

When i use bennedict or a shooter type of character my allies are blocking most of my attacks can u make it possible to shoot trough them i lost a few ultimate attacks because a teammate jumped on my guided rocket


If they made it so you can shoot through team-mates it might make ranged characters OP.

Edit: After reading some of the comments, I take back my statement. Allow shooting through team-mates makes sense.

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And thorn’s ultimate! :frowning: Felt so bad when I aimed it properly to land where that guy was running to, but then someoen pased by and it detonated early!

I disagree. There’s a reason tanky characters like Kelvin, Shayne & Aurox, and ISIC are so large; they are meant to frontline, body block, and tank incoming fire. Friendly unit-projectile transparency is essential to the existence of teamfighting. Take League of Legends for example: If ranged auto attacks and skill shots couldn’t pass through your frontline tanks, then head-to-head teamfighting wouldn’t make any sense.

Unfortunately, I feel like limitations of the game engine will not allow for the implementation of Friendly unit-projectile transparency. If the game is in fact built on the same engine as Borderlands, for which all projectiles could be blocked by a co-op player, and in some cases cared about that, like the skill Cauterize, then I have a hard time seeing this adjustment being made.

At the very least, we don’t have to worry about friendly fire or betrayals, like in Halo. So that’s something.

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Yeah I see what you’re saying. I always wondered why the ranged characters keep running up the front and make my life harder as a healer. This would explain why. Because of this I’ve changed my mind and agree with you that you should be able to shoot through team-mates.

On the other team, there would have to be an outline for enemies behind enemies to compensate(Which they might already do, I haven’t noticed). Otherwise Marquis could just fire blindly into Montana’s spine, and you would have no idea what was happening until after you died.

Full disclosure, from my time in the CTT I only played a ranged character once. Exactly once. So this greatly limits my experience with the frustrations of Ranged characters’ shot blocks.

However, I have seen a number of games in which a Galilea’s Shield Throw or a Phoebe’s Blade Rush has done nothing but eat the backside of a friendly Kelvin. The thing that set’s this apart from the primary attacks of ranged characters is, using these skills puts the ability on cooldown while typically failing to have any real effect. In the case of Galilea, now you are stuck waiting for a 19 second cooldown before you can safely re-engage with your stun.

For this reason, I’ve noticed players “lone wolfing” most of the time, seeking out 1v1’s where they can. It encourages play across the map, rather than grouping (with support characters being the key exception). This makes sense in Meltdown’s two lane layout, but makes a real mess of Incursion’s choke points.

One of the largest factors that causes this problem is view limitations. League of Legends offers a top-down view and an unlocked camera, allowing you clear view of the battlefield, hindered only by fog of war. In the case of Battleborn, you are limited to your characters field of view and the extremely limited information of your mini-map. A tank on the fronlines facing his opponents has no way of knowing whether or not he is shot blocking his allies unless they speak up. Standing between an ally and an enemy may stop the enemy from striking your ally, but the opposite holds true. All you’ve done is effectively taken your ally out of the fight.


Yeah it’s pretty annoying playing a ranged with friendlies blocking your shots constantly. This game is so frantic with people constantly juking around that it become a real challenge sometimes. Especially on foes that require you to hit certain spots.

Isic Magnus’ core is frustrating for instance when you’re ranged with a bunch of melee doing the Benny Hill spiral around it. The big ice boss is tough to hit with melee spinning him around too, although that’s a separate issue.

In slower paced games blocking friendly fire isn’t that big deal… but this game… it’s painful.


Haha yea, that ISIS core phase is like that scene from Shawn of the Dead. The core isn’t moving you pricks, so stop orbiting the damn thing. The worst offender of this seems to be Shayne with the damn balloon like demon always in the way. And funnier still is when it’s a Marquis just running up to enemies like he’s planning to beat them with his cane. I know he’s cool, but if you’re just gonna facetank enemies to tickle them with your pistol what’s the point of picking a sniper?

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I know this issue makes Montana a lot harder to play…

I finally got around to trying Benedict out and wow, this sure would be fantastic for him.

Not even flying always helps, you’ll get a lock on a short character like Orendi while you’re in the air, and the rocket will home in towards her but then bullseye a friendly Montana’s head.

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That’s actually pretty impressive considering Montana has such a tiny head!

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I agree. friendly fire should pass through, not blocked.

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The Unreal engine (the one used to make this game) is very capable of removing collision boxes from members of the same team. I’ve had to do so before. Fun fact I felt like sharing.

Oh, and I agree with the OP.


I would agree. As someone who really enjoys playing marquis and I’m trying to take out minions or other players harassing our minions in Meltodwn I can’t do anything when a melee character or a montana goes up to engage because all my shots get deflected. I hope they do work on this.

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Man, if GBX will change anything about the game based on forum posts, THIS SHOULD BE IT.

well you can’t easily compare League Of Legends to this game in that aspect in what may be the most important variable is that the viewpoint is different in these two games and so you have a 3-D (fps) POV in battleborn which adds on to the tactics and strategies that people will use and fight against.

Thats actually not such a big difference. There is little difference between all the MOBA-Games and this is no exception. The lack of communication in the team is annoying though :smiley:

Completely agree, the lack of communication is always a hamper.

like to voice also, please let range characters shoot through their teammates.