Allow all vault card activated together

it should allow all vault card activated together but not only one . it is wasting time and efficient to do the assignment .

I agree but obviously its designed as a massive time sink so I dont think its gonna change.

yeah, and let me at least quadruple wield with Amara, heck she can use many arms.

they just need it to be received exp on one card only that ppl need to choice, so it will not affect the part of assignment .

I’d be happy if the Bunkmasters card didn’t have 2 of the dailies already completed now. I thought they fixed this, but at this rate I’ll only be able to work on the weekly challenges for the XP. This is a really dumb system they have in place. I hope they fix it or better yet, skip it, in Wonderlands.

To be fair, Daily challenges are there mostly for FOMO, actual experience gain from them is not that large. You’ll get more from just clearing an easy Trial or your favorite map.

But - they are probably quite effective at making you play more often.