Allow Region Connection select in game

I’ve been reading a few people’s reviews and comments, and some are complaining about how they’re waiting for 20+ mins to find a game and then blame the match making, to which promptly causes a lot of people to ask, “What region are you in?”

While the match making has its problems, I don’t think it’s the main/only problem. The problem is, our player base is spread too thinly across too many regions, without a clear and easy way of being able to change that. Yes, I know people will suggest the “change download region on Steam” trick, but not everyone is going to know that, and constantly having to tell people that all the time is going to be a chore.

My suggestion would be to put a drop down menu somewhere on the main title screen, that allows you to change connection region (not hidden away in the options menu where people are less likely to go find it). So, for example, if someone was playing in the Asia game region and it was taking too long to find a game, they could easily change to the US servers and have a better chance of finding a game. Also, all our progress data would need to be consistent across all regions, and not pulling that “new region, therefore new account” scrag dung they pull on LoL.

I’m not sure if the devs have ever considered this (although they might have at one point) or if it’s even possible (because it would likely be a net coding NIGHTMARE), but it terms of overall development time, it would be something fairly simple to implement (aside from the aforementioned net coding issues).

So how about it devs?


@jythri @JoeKGBX

I was tempted to do that myself @dantesolar , but I feel like I’ve been bugging Jythri a lot recently with my constant stream of ideas and suggestions :S

I support any topic that is not a rant. Bring focuse on a constant problem and help with ideas and suggestions is the best way to help.


Well, thank you for your support. I don’t think any devs will respond to this before next week though. It IS Friday after all :stuck_out_tongue:

They probably wont replay but they for sure took a minute to read the topic.

They always read forums, i have seen replays at 4 am weekend, in topics or pm.

So they love this game as much as u and me, probably there are many many reasons they cant achive exactly what they want or what the game needs.

I’m personally surprised more people haven’t joined in with this conversation. I guess I’m not cursing the Match Making system enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Take it as ppl agree. There is not much to add honestly.

Devs have said how much they want to change mm but it needa a major-huge architecture rebuild in their mm.

They need/want more players and more money to be allowed by 2k to invest money and resources in it.

They have been as honest as they are allowed to share.

As an Australian I can never rely on a good connection to foreign servers beyond Asia. It’s what’s killed the game in this country above all else. If region locking were a thing it would be great, but given the population gbx just wants to get people into a game in a reasonable time frame. Rock and a hard place.


Yeah, I know how difficult it can be for people from Australia to get stable connections. I have a friend who lives there (and my Dad), and he has constant trouble trying to keep his internet stable. Still, I think being able to change region will at least help people be able to find games quicker, even if connectivity might be a problem.