Allow us to purchase VIP rewards multiple times

I wasn’t sure where else to post this, so here goes…

To my unpleasant surprise I noticed VIP rewards (at are usable only once.

While I’m aware you did not have to introduce the VIP system in the first place, the discovery pissed me off. I wanted to get an item again that I got ± 10 levels earlier because I really enjoyed using it, only to find out I couldn’t. The aforementioned site never mentions anywhere that the items can only be redeemed once.

Most annoyingly, I’ve now got a whole bunch of points that I won’t be using, because (being relatively late and new to the party) I’ve got no clue how hard it is to get these items at maximum level, so for now I’m just hogging my points till I’ve reached lvl 72 to get them then, which I’m sure is not how you envisioned these points being used.

It’d be reasonable if you’d increase the cost after each initial purchase, but please allow us to purchase VIP rewards multiple times.

Rewards from Season 1 can be purchased multiple times. From Season 2 and 3, only once.
What weapon you are talking about?

Not so much a weapon as a shield; The Bee, but I guess that’s from a different season. Thanks for the tip though on the Season 1 rewards.

Thia is repetitive, but…
The Bee is relatively easy to come by. Hellquist is a quick farm, and the treants in the Forest drop it fairly frequently. If you feel like RNGsus is ignoring your pleas the trade section relevant to your platform should yield you favorable results.

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I’ve almost always been able to get at least one Bee form the treants in half an hour’ish…easier than farming Hellquist IMO.

72 isn’t max level anymore (provided you have the Commander Lilith DLC), Level 80 is. there’s also 10 OP levels, not just 8.