Almanac of every loot object in Borderlands 2

A list based on the input from the community:

| ------------------------------------ Container ------------------------------------ | ----- Legendary/Pearl ----- | ----- Loot midget ----- |


image:x::white_check_mark: (hunt needed)











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image:x::white_check_mark: here


image:x::question: (hunt needed)


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/ image:white_check_mark::x:

P.S. - Places where you can find loot midgets: Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Sawtooth Cauldron, Thousand Cuts, Frostburn Canyon, Arid Nexus, Tundra Express, Opportunity, Hero’s Pass

Anybody else knows something? Am I wrong somewhere? Is there any case where you can find legendaries but not pearlescents?

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as the game says, they can be found in any loot source, so pretty much your whole list should be a check mark

edit… wait, did i read that wrong… anyway, wherever the x’s and check’s go, any loot source has a chance of spawning a legendary

I recently found a Maggie in Sanctuary in an ordinary cardboard box, so you might want to add that as a source…

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Not entirely true. Some sources are restricted to Purple or E-Tech at best. White Chests and their other manufacturer counterparts (Hyperion Yellow, Dahl Green, Bandit Toilet? Yuck) cannot contain Legendaries or better as they follow a different RNG system independent from the normal world drop one.
In three years nobody has ever found a Legendary in them.

Otherwise, if it can spawn a completely random drop then it can be Legendary or Pearlescent which most of the dirt piles and similar sources do.

Need to add the red pirate chests with a big 'ol check mark by them.
If it’s an “ammo” or “money/eridium/health” chest, that doesn’t otherwise have a chance to spawn a weapon at all, there’s also no chance for a legendary one (I’m looking at the little Dahl and Hyperion strongboxes). In principle, this list should just include items that have a chance to spawn a weapon, just not a legendary.

Also, I take it the chest wouldn’t count if, while it can’t spawn a legendary item on its own, it can spawn a LLM, who then drops a legendary item?

you can add a check mark to the green piles on the ground I just took a video clip of a legendary popping out of one the other day. If you are on xbox one you can verify it in my clips GT: lissybaby001 :smile:

Is it on youtube?
(I love it when there’s evidence)

From my understanding, if it has the chance to give you ANY weapon, it can give you a Legendary.

Sure, the chances are more slim.

They’re still there though.

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How about the hyperion yellow vertical chests or the fap-forbidding dook huts or the grey chests? I’m pretty sure they can’t… right?
(I wish someone from gearbox would confirm this… preferently with numbers)

NOPE, they can’t

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I just realized that those things:

are missing from the OP. They can contain Legendaries, I’ve found a few myself actually, but I’ve never seen a Pearls in there. Maybe someone has as it should be possible as they appear to be no different than ordinary enemy drops in terms of quality (and even boxes got some…).

They can spawn pearls.

I’ve gotten 2 pearls from lockers. Oddly enough, they were both in one of the lockers right by the entrance to the Torgue arena outer circle, and they were both Stalkers. :acmhmm:

FWIW, I’ve never gotten a legendary from a stalker pile, etc., but I did get a Topneaa from a skag pile once. I don’t know where it was hiding. :acmsmile:

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From what I understand, you could kill your first bullymong out of Liars Berg and drop a level 2 Striker, if you have Lotto level luck.

The only difference is the probability of the drop depending on the quality of the chest.


So it would appear that many have white - E-Tech level quality, but not necessarily Legendary.

Here is the full list.

That list is incomplete. That’s why I started this thread.
Things like the gas tanks and safes are good examples of things that require input (if any)

Actually, enemies and chests are incapable of dropping Legendaries before you enter Three Horns (Normal Mode only of course).
Random drops are rarity locked entirely in the first few areas and I am pretty sure I’ve never even seen anything better than Green in Red Chests there.

What about the Hornet from Knuckle Dragger?

Forgot to mention those, silly me. Sorry.

Hornet, Bonus Package, Kerblaster and Thunderball Fists (and technically his Skin) are assigned drops and follow a different system so they aren’t bound by world drop restrictions.

Damn, you learn something new everyday.

I’d no idea it only began at Three Horns and above.

I suppose I never looked in to it.