(almost) All Caught Up

Today, I got Ghalt and Attikus to level 15, thus maxing out all my characters levels, my command rank, and having completed the majority of the lore, gear collection, and achievements.

Now, I sit back and wait for the release of the Winter Update, Beatrix, and OM Story Ops.

So, what are y’all most excited for?

Me, I’m looking forward to Bot Battle. As I don’t have a regular crew to play with (XBO) and, in general, am NOT a big PVPer, I’m hoping that me and some randomness can at least be good enough to compete against some bots and I can knock off the rest of my lore challenges (95% of which are PVP challenges).


The return of the other ultimate call-out lines. You have NO idea how close to losing it i’ve come from hearing Toby’s lame “pew! Pewpewpew!” line over and over again…

And don’t get me started on Kid Ultra’s




I’m pretty excited for the dojo and bot matches but I’m most excited for the third operation.

…Oh and Beatrix she’s gonna be fun. Oh yeah and daily quests!

Final answer is D. Idk there’s too much.


Yeah we don’t even know if he has any good ult quotes. And you’re lucky. At least when you main ults they actually say something. Orendi does nothing but laugh which has no fun


Yeah, but Orendi has so many hysterical laughter dialog options, that you can’t pin-point when she’s using her ultimate. Plus, that laughter is sexy…


Yep, it’s been an advantage for me I must admit. I still manage to never get hit by it because I find it hilariously easy to dodge (that’s probabaly only because ik the enemy’s attack patterns by now) but it does get confusing sometimes

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Oh yeah, I’m gonna ignore that part :relaxed:


But, but, he’s a happy missile


I’m looking forward to Beatrix…and the Oscar Mike DLC…and those cool new black skins for the characters. And the Medieval premium skins


Character rank 20 chibi avatars. Enough said.


Er mer gewd, i forgot about those! How adora- Uh, BADASS -will Toby’s look? I shall be the first to know…


Tbh… I’m excited for the UI updates. The menus in this game are ugly. I want them pretty.


I hope Toby is, (dare I say it), cute. :heart:

Whether he likes it or not. :wink:

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Only enemy Orendis do the laugh. Friendly call-out is “chaos reigns!”

Mell actually has it worst: she says “firing blade barrage” for both friendly and hostile call-outs. I can’t wait for “go, scary monster arm” to make its return.

Also, in answer to your question
I’m going to make a small suggestion
And ask you to be patient
As I break into a song…

(piano begins to play)

For the thing that most inspires me,
Compels and, yes, excites me,
Is that Eldrid battle agent
Whom I’ve loved all along.

(tempo increases)

She’s got the hawk, she’s got the swagger
She’s got an arm that ends in a venom dagger
And when I see her coming
I gasp and stagger

(and say)

Mellka! Hyenyota!
I’ll never stop loving you one iota
Mellka! Hyenyota!
Be my girl and we’ll never be sober

Second verse!-- wait, where’d everyone go?

(piano music crashes, replaced with the lonely twang of a single string on an acoustic guitar)


What I am most curious about in regards to the ult call outs is wether or not they are going to make a group of friendly call outs then a group of enemy ones


The draft mode been added to the public queue is my only interest.

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I swear that some characters have different ult call outs depending on what team they’re on. Not all but some.

They almost all do, actually. I know Mellka doesn’t, and maybe Attikus? Shayne? I keep hearing the damn bell for dinner. Kid Ultra too.

I know for sure that Ambra, Kleese, Gali, Whiskey, Deande, Kelvin, Thorn, Orendi, Pendles, Alani, Rath, El Dragon, Caldarius, Miko, Boldur, Ghalt, Phoebe, ISIC all have two lines. Certainly missing a few from my quick memory scouring as well :stuck_out_tongue:

“Time to but this anger to good use”, (followed by a growling yell) and “Looks like the end, isn’t it?”

I’m pretty sure she’s got two as well but I can’t remember the hostile callout.

All that said I’m waiting to hear “How much blood to you have? I’m VERY CURIOUS!!!” again.


Looks around and sees that no one else stayed for the second verse of Eden’s song.


"Mellka! Hyenyota!
I’ll never stop loving you one iota!"

That’s some good sh*t right there!