Almost Home! Need Assistance!

Moderators, If this isn’t allowed please let me know and I’ll take it down. I mean no disrespect

Salutations seasoned Vault Hunters!

I will be returning Home from a 10 month deployment on Friday, July 31st, and I could use your help! I was supposed to be home sooner but COVID happened and I got stuck for 4 more months…The WiFi where I was located was extremely slow so I missed out on pretty much everything! Revenge of the cartels, the last 3 DLCs and bevy of hotfixes. The only thing that i could get was the update for mayhem 10 and lvl 60 and that took 2 weeks to download. I haven’t tried to Download the new update as I will be packing up Monday to return Home. My M10 Zane build is not the greatest and the lob and monarch have carried me far. If anyone has anything they’d be willing to give to me, or help me out farming, I’d be immensely grateful! Thank you all for your time.

PSN: SharkBait_0728

Send me a FR and let me know what you are looking for and I will help you out, cheers.

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May I ask what is your PSN? Thank you again.

psn= halinglis

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My PSN is LeftTurnus - I have an OPQ and a Yellowcake with your name on them. Send a FR and they are yours.

And thanks for your service :+1:

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Friend request sent. Thank you again.

Thank you again! Appreciate that. I am currently about to leave my deployed location. I should be online by Friday if not then by Monday if that is ok?

Just send a note here or on PSN msg and let me know what you are looking to get. Whenever you’re GTG is fine with me

That is fine. Just send an FR when you can. Safe travels :slight_smile: