Almost infinite Shield on Overgrowth

Not sure if it a glitch or something. I use a loadout with Sentinel Reset Switch -17.75% buildable cost, +1.18 Bounus Shards per second, "Your shielded Teir 3 buildables gain +35.48 Shield Recharge per Second."
For some odd reason I upgrade 6+ Turrets to teir 3 and i have almost infinite shield. With it going i have taken on 2-4 other people and only thing that does health damage is Piercing.
Has anyone else had this?

You should probably try recording some video of it happening, sounds weird.

Short clip. Only fighting a thrall merc.
After building 6 turrets teir 3. With more turrets the faster it recharges. works for all characters

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That’s freakin awesome! Building 6 turrets up to level 3 takes a decent amount of time and shards though so I doubt it’s a glitch.

Ive had this glitch as well with the sentiel reset switch was just lookin at the forums to see if there was anything on it. Was just mowing thralls down for a few mins before i noticed they could not kill me. Tried to kill myself to get rid of glitch didnt work. Kind of took the fun out of the level. Prob wont use that legendary anymore till they fix it.

Didnt upgrade anything just made a bunch of turrets and traps. Seemed every turret increased my shield regen was impossible to kill me in solo pve so i doubt its on purpose

Looks like that shield regen bonus that should be given to the turret is given to you instead. Worse, it doesn’t seem to have an activation delay after taking a hit, either.

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It appears that this item treats shield regen like health regen, in that the shield regen it provides is on ALL THE TIME, and there’s no delay between taking damage and the regen occurring.