Alot of items for trade!

So i have been farming like a mad man and i got some items that might be of use to some of you guys/gals out there. If you see anything here that you like please feel free to offer up! Im looking for anointed cutsmans and crossroads really. Perf fire. But offer up!

Anointed crossroad radiation phaseslam 200% melee dmg

Multiple fire lucians calls and multiple Rowans Calls


Anointed Woodblocker corrosive phaseslam 300% weapon dmg

Night hawkin burst

Crossroad variety (all except fire)

Ice and radiation butcher

Anointed sleeping giant phasecast 250% weapon dmg

And many more, literally ask!

Again im looking for good roll phasezerker class mods and anointed crossroad and cutsmans pretty much. My username is:


Feel free to post what you want and/or got here!

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Think I’ve picked up some of these from giga earlier,I’m at work,will confirm when I get home and on the game. I only need 1 thing,a legendary deadeye mod that gives additional bonus to shotgun/gun damage and crit damage. The deadeye I have now is a pistol mod,and it wrecks. I want the shotgun version to main my undermining butcher everywhere from normal,tvhm,and mayhem 3. I can get by in mayhem 3,but I want to dominate with it like I do my pistols. If you don’t have,please keep a look out,this is the only thing I’m needing. Thanks for your time.

Ill def keep an eye out bro! Thank you for your time! If you do ill be more than happy for a trade!

I’ll definitely check when I get home from

work. Fr me PSN APE-160

Lmk you want fire kaos in note.

And if you or I come across that illusive

bitch,I’ll be happier than Krieg on a meat