Alpha Fire Skags

What do you use against them? Got stuck with two guarding some red chests, and needless to say a Hellfire was not terribly useful. I didn’t have anything else on me at the time that seemed to do much more than tickle them. So, what element should I be taking along for such beasts?

A good Double Anarchy will clean them up.


Don’t have one of those at the moment. Are they weak to corrosive since they’re armoured?

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Did you try throwing a bucket of water on it?


What gear do you have? Have any type of shot gun?

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At the time, sort of. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what I had that was actually still any good. I don’t clear out often enough! Just finished main story of Dr. Ned and got to level 65, and picked up some stuff along the way.

Let’s see…

  • Terrible Shotgun lvl 46
  • Combustion Hellfire lvl 44
  • Swift Masher lvl 60

And a whole bunch of other stuff from green to orange rarity, lvls 37 up to 63 (man, is the BL1 loot system ever crazy!)

Good to see you posting btw!

How did the masher work out?

Corrosive melts their armor on the front spiky bits, but they take normal if unimpressive damage on their butt and legs. Shotguns and Mashers do wonders if you’re quick enough to pop them in the mouth while they’re roaring or jumping at you.

Pay attention to their animations and when they’re about to charge (like when they stop and seem to paw the ground a little bit). Dodging away from them when they’re in the air becomes pretty easy since they can’t change course once they’ve jumped. Bunny hopping around seems to help since I don’t think the AI can track the player as easily if you’re not always on the ground.

It might take a while to dance around them, but I’ve found that waiting for them to open their mouths when either in the air or about to puke up elemental damage to shoot at them is the best way to kill them.

You can see me trying to do a lot of the things I just described in this vid

around 22 minutes in.

Ran in to another Super Badass Alpha Fire Skag today, this time while running through the Hyperion dump. The corrosive Hunter’s shotgun I picked up did pretty well, and I was able to jump around enough to avoid having more than a bit of shield knocked away in the process. One is definitely easier to handle than two!

Corrosive is definitely the way to go with them. If you want some real mobbing fun, run through the Lost Cave. Crab Worms (great for leveling proficiencies), skags, and bandits galore. And don’t skip the room at the end!

That’s the room that started this thread!

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Amazing what a picture can do. :acmsmile:

When I ran through there, it was only a siren. But then, you only need one siren :blsmirk:

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Lilith is a monster in BL1.


It’s hard to believe that she is even more powerful in BL2.