Alpha Overlay Help

I know these exist in game, but how would I go about doing an Alpha overlay? (I.e. transparent background)

Thanks guys!

Do you mean for a background? Or a ship texture?

Ship texture. It would be the same as a background, I think, but with glow map support. I looked at modifying the matteAlpha shader but I can’t make heads or tails of anything in that file. How does alpha even work? Is it the alpha channel of the diffuse? It’s own separate texture?

So what are you trying to do? Make a partially transparent ship?

This is a render, but all of the ship details like missile launchers, the insignia, etc. are all alpha decals. That’s what I want to accomplish.


We had this feature for the original HW2 but the shader files are different. The shader used was from the Babylon5 mod.

Maybe I don’t understand the complexities of what you are trying to do, but why don’t you just collapse those layers onto the diffuse, then put it through HODOR?

You lose texture resolution and a uniform scale factor. I know it’s doable, just asking how to apply Alphas.

OK. Maybe you could modify the badge shader?

Badge shader requires cutting up the base mesh to make an alpha entity, that’s not a viable work around.

I think I’ll try MatteAlpha with a alpha channel in the diffuse and see if i break anything.

If you must have the decal in a separate layer then you can use mattescissor, but that would be a second set of faces over the ship which may flicker.

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Thanks, I’ll look into mattescissor! The faces never flickered in the original game. If they do, I’ll just move them ever so slightly away from the mesh until they don’t. I’ll post back with results.

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The decals are a separate mesh?


mattescissor does not work, by the way. I put the alpha channel in the diffuse, unless it’s supposed to be it’s own file, idk.

If you don’t mind sending me the DAE and textures via PM, I can take a look at some different shader options for you.

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I just need to know how applying an alpha layer to the matte shaders works. Is it in the diffuse? it’s own separate texture? RGB color values?

Without seeing your actual setup, I can only provide general guidelines.

If you want transparency, you’ll want to use “mattescissor”.

Diffuse texture needs to look something like this:


Team texture needs to look like this:


Result will be something like this:



What about the ghost ship? Doesn’t that have some transparency thing going on?

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mattescissor appears to be the way to go…

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Thanks guys! After much trial and error, I finally got it figured out!