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Ladies and Gentlemen… Thank you for stopping by Alpo’s Wares. Currently I’m searching for Anointed Conference Call shotguns, shredifier, Kaos, and crossroads. Those are priority #1. Any element will work. Disclaimer - I get online around 2100 hours eastern time. I work in a prison and my hours and play time will vary, so please be patient if I don’t respond right away. I’m at work usually 0600-1800 hours. I may respond to your post during the day in hopes we can get a trade done that night.

I will do my best to keep this list updated with fresh weapons and gear.

Anointed Weapons and Shields: All weapons and gear are level 50 unless stated otherwise.

Anointed weapons below:

Stark ASMD x2
Oozing Gratifying Roisen’s Thorns x 2 (Vigorous) x 1
Adundant ASMD
Hawt Dayumned Sawbar
Adapting Ripper
Standarized Carrier
Venomous Hornet
Firesale Polybius
Binary Mocking Cutsman
Nuclear Boom Sickle
Razrez Sickle
Molten Infinity (Lvl 49)
Rebel Yell
High Capacity Nimble Malak’s Bane
Packin’ Devastator
Shredded Scourge
Otchky Damned
Shocking AAA
Tamed Warlord
Vicious Lyuda
Stuffed Tunguska
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
Arctic Tamed Night Hawkin (Cryo)
Hazardous Trevanator (Rad)


Challenger Red Card
Acupuncture Stop-Gap
Brawler Ward
Gutsy Stop-Gap
Roid Ward
Resonant Back Ham
Health Re-Router
Contingency Re-Charger
Black Hole

The below listed are regular level 50 weapons, shields, class mods and artifacts:

Breathing Room High Caliber Big Boom Blaster (Shield)

Atom Balm White Elephant
Cryo Stone Deathless
Flesh Melter Deathless
Last Stand Deathless x2
Mind Melt Deathless
Mind Melt Otto Idol
Ice Spiker Loaded Dice
Loot Expanding Pull Out Method

Class Mods:

Feral Prideful Red Fang
Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter
Insomniac Fragmented Dragon
Primeval Meditative Phasezerker x2


Rowan’s Call (Shock)
Rowan’s Call (Radiation)
Shrinking Overcompensating Bearcat (Cryo)
Shrinking Gratifying Laser-Sploder (Cryo)
Dobby The Dictator
Storming Faisor (Shock)
Lucian’s Call (Cryo)

Online :slight_smile:

Do any of your weapons have the gamma burst anointment? And do any of your shields have the health Regen on full shields & health Regen on ASE anointment combo?

Very curious in the warlord, hornet, and trevonator for the gb annointments