Alright I'm confused

Alright, I’m confused. Is the base level cap for TPS 50, or 60? I’m asking because I just finished the main campaign for TVHM, and UVHM was unlocked afterwards, and I’m able to start in UVHM as well. I don’t have any DLC other than the Handsome Jack Pack, and the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit (a code for it was included with the game), so I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have access to UVHM.

Level 50.

UVHM was a free update for everyone.

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Ah. If the base level cap is 50 than there is literally no point in UVHM being available for those that don’t have the UVH upgrade packs.

Well I guess it is a way to get level 50 versions of weapons like the Vibra Pulse that you relatively early in the game.

UVHM is harder than TVHM so you can play it for the challenge even if you don’t have the level upgrades.
The ability to reset can also help when farming bosses that are only a one time encounter like flame knuckle which drops the nukem.

Be glad you can’t go above 50. UVHM in this game is a joke in relation to the scaling of XP.

It’s definitely a slog to level up.

Just getting to level 50 in this game is a pain in the ass, and I’ve done it twice already (I had two characters at level 47/48). Nisha was the first to finish TVHM’s main campaign though, and Jack finished it about an hour later. Both are level 50 now because thankfully redbelly isn’t really hard to take down, and still gives a good amount of exp after scaling up to level 52. Now it’s time to run the few side missions for the rewards I wanted at level 50.

I have a level 51 Wilhelm on both the PS3 and PS4. I completely lost interest/burned out twice at that level because of the awful amount of EXP this game gives in UVHM. After hitting level 51 in this game the leveling just crawls. If TPS gave out the same EXP as BL2 I would have them both at level 70.

I didn’t think getting to 50 was too bad.

50-60 starts to suck, but it’s still doable ‘naturally’.

60-70 is pretty ridiculous and most of my characters were power-leveled through there.


Agreed, getting to 50 was easy, then the XP just kind of stopped.

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yep XP slows to a crawl at L50, when I Power Level people, I tell them to watch what happens when they level to L50 from L49.
A kill that was giving them around 1600 XP at L49 (L69 to L71 enemies), gives only around 500 XP at L50.
Which is the one main reason I drag my feet on helping anyone that asks me to power level them from L50 to L70


With all due respect, it gets so slow, it might as well have stopped.

Yeah, but at least it’s not so slow it’s going backwards…