Alright. New To Game, Not The Genre. Also New To This Forum

Alright. So, from what I can gather, this game is much more fun with people playing with you, and not to mention a bit easier. I was jumping on here to see if there is anyone who would like to add me on XB1 and perhaps play through the campaign with me. I’m still on the first mission, per wanting someone or more to play with. If interested, let me know. Please and Thank You.


Im always in for a game of Battleborn.
Add me and we can play missions or online.

GT: Tim JC Estrello

Just started as well, add me as GT: Luft och Sno

i got the game 2 days ago. add me!
Gt: Papito Panda

Hey everyone not new to gearbox but still learning this game. Feel free to add me.
Gamertag: frostedwing

GT: ZabuzaMomochee

Not so new but love this game and love watching it flourish, add me for any help needed :slight_smile:

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