Alright so where's Alani?

Did the patch, put everything back as it was on my video settings, but I don’t see Alani and I’m not sure how those new skins can be acquired (Still in packs?)

Waiting until her release date…


Well it’s the 24th somewhere in the world, which one should we wait for?

Kinda expected the new champ to come out at the same time as the patch, oh well.

Well, the patch notes clearly say a new character was added 5/23/16 with this update.

And her release date is clearly 5/24.

Just like the release date for the game was clearly 5/3 but you could download it before-hand…

Literally makes no sense, what kind of comparison is that?

Anyway, you can clearly see it at the beginning of the patch notes:

MAY 23, 2016


I’d like some clarity that’s all.

LOL its not similar at all. Pre-loading a game and waiting for launch is completely different than actually downloading a patch and waiting for the servers coming back up. If the entirety of the patch notes are in game, except Alani, its a bit misleading. Personally, I’ve seen on FB and Twitter that 5/24 is Alani early access for Season Pass holders… that being said, I wouldn’t have expected anything different, If I didn’t see “Added new character” in the patch notes… the patch that dropped 5/23… the PATCH THATS LIVE RIGHT NOW!

I think when the patch hits she will hit. Whether you can unlock her or not until tomorrow, no idea. I’ve heard rumors of it all going down sometime this evening. I keep just going into command and trying to sort by faction to see if the patch has been implemented. No luck yet.

You can start complaining (and I might join you) when it’s 25/5. No one said 00:01 24/5. Also, since Gearbox is stationed in Dallas, I would look at their timezone. They are roughly 6 hours behind Europe. It’s still 23/5 there now.

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If you look at the news article in relation to Alani, it states the she will be available on 05/24 9 AM PDT.

•Alani Early Access: May 24th starting at 9am PDT for all regions
•Alani Official Release: May 31st starting at 9am PDT for all regions

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Digital Deluxe and Season Pass holders will not only be able to instantly unlock Alani using a Hero Key (more on these keys below), they will also be able to play Alani early starting on Tuesday, May 24th!

Alani Early Access: May 24th starting at 9am PDT for all regions
Alani Official Release: May 31st starting at 9am PDT for all regions.

Seems pretty clear to me.


Again, we’ve seen the news article. What we’re referring to, is the patch notes, that clear as day state a new character was added 5/23.

It’s confusing, sure. I looked for Alani in my character list, just to check her abilities, didn’t find her, remember she was available only to Deluxe edition / season pass owners for now.
But that’s only because I knew it from reading it beforehand… Any player coming back from work and reading the patch note will indeed assume there should be a new character, and while technically there IS a new char, it’s only for a select few.

I got the season pass because I didn’t realize you could get the new characters with in-game currency.
But yeah, I don’t have access to her either.

It was confusing, but I’m sure the others are right- Alani is in the patch for today, but not accessible till tomorrow.

Also, beta players will get a key that they can used to unlock her right away as well.

Oh, okay! As I don’t have the Season Pass I thought that was why I didn’t see her either.
Weird though, I thought the patch had already hit. After all I downloaded a 1.4gb patch which sounds quite right for a new character data. Maybe there will be a little unlocker tomorrow or something, indeed, like that patch was a pre-load awaiting activation.
Something like a pre-patch before a WoW expansion : it contains changes and fixes but not the actual content yet.

you’ve downloaded the data. doesn’t mean the character is available

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Well it’s 5/24 12:15pm and still no Alani. If she is available now, she’s well hidden. And yes I purchased season pass

Here too. No Alani on Steam yet.

Got her on Steam. No Season Pass so I can’t unlock her anyway, but she is showing up in my list.

edit : wait… Why the hell do I even see her without the season pass and the anticipated access … ?
edit bis : ah, no, I’m just completely blind. she’s there alright, but there are no unlocking conditions, so I guess all is right.

I unlocked her with my hero key but she isn’t in the hero selection. Did I miss something???