Also grab the game on PS4?

So I own Battleborn on PC. I’m rank 85 or so, got my fair share of legendaries and titles ( although no really punchy ones yet ), got gold on almost all missions… In short I’ve been around.

However I’m about to get a PS4 ( a nice pack, the console with Uncharted, Bloodborne, Beyond : two souls and Heavy Rain for 400€ ) so I was wondering whether to get the game on PS4. First, because of the community, second, because there SEEM to be people playing there.
However I’m deeply accustomed to mouse + kb and could never for the life of me get the hang of controllers for FPS. Hell, I did the whole campaign of Killzone 2 using almost exlusively the quick melee because I suck. Good thing my favorite chars are Phoebe and Kelvin, heh ?

So a question to the PS4 community : how is the game actually doing up there ? how are the queues for PvP ? What about the controls ( and if I can plug a KB+M, heh, you won’t hear no complaints from me :stuck_out_tongue: ) ?


come to the Superior console. xbox one.

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Lol to superior console comment.

It’s doing well. Definitely better than pc. Queue times aren’t too long. You clearly enjoyed the missions enough to go for gold so I’m sure doing them again wouldn’t be a problem for you. Overall I’d say it’s worth. Oh and controls are what you’d expect. I play mainly melee characters because I suck at shooting as well on a controller lol and I do fine

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I’m trying…
lol yeah the controls are pretty responsive overall and shouldn’t take long to get use too.

also you could run a blutooth or wireless keyboard if your better using one.

From what I’ve seen on the interwebs they say that PS4 is outselling the XB1. wouldn’t that make the PS4 the superior console?

I never have to wait too long for a group on PS4. Id say no more than 10 minutes.

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Well now that I gave it some more thought, I decided to go for Battleborn on Wii U ! Thanks all !

Nah but one thing’s sure, I guess it won’t cost too much anyway. The pros of all those sales, I suppose. I haven’t even looked at the price tag yet anyway !
Should give some more thought to the KB/M thingy. I got a wireless keyboard so maybe… Only wired mice though.


Queue times are short less than 5 minutes less than 1 minute most of the time.

As a PC gamer myself I really struggle with the controls but it gets better with practice just not as good as keyboard and mouse.

We have that PS4 bundle on offer here in Australia too (also includes GTA5)… pretty good bargain I think! (I want to get myself a PS4 copy of Beyond: two souls - loved that game on PS3)

Now Battleborn just needs to get its self snuck into a console bundle package, so that some players whom might not have considered it, just get it included anyway and will give it a shot! (Also encourages folks to get a PS+ account)

I think the PS4 community is pretty big when it comes to Battleborn. I don’t find myself waiting too long for matches, or match ups in storymode.
But even console has its issues like PC, mixed bag of lollies at different times… But I’d say less headaches than I read about with PC on this forum.

As for the controls… I’d say pretty straight forward… But I consider myself ‘team playstation’ haha. The moment I got my first PS (the original), I’ve never ventured away from PlayStation… If I had to pick up a Xbox controller, I’d be so lost!

If Battleborn is something you enjoy playing, and you aren’t wanting to say goodbye to it just yet… Then I say, grab a PS4 copy when you venture into the land of PlayStation, it’s relatively cheap, and there is still more to come (characters, DLC)… It’s a nice ‘go to’ game, when you need a break from the many others on offer (I still have my copy of Uncharted4 sitting there, need to get to it!) :wink:

At least over here (EST, USA) I get between 2-5 minute queue times (Meltdown), a bit faster for Incursion. Back with combined queues, I averaged 1-3 minute queues.

I have never had a matchmaking problem on PS4.

If you like the game, and want to play it (mostly) as intended, I would suggest getting it on PS4.

I know right?? Could never get the hang of the Xbox controller as well. Just, like, never. I bought a Dualshock 4 for my PC :smiley:
Althought to be fair I’ve never really been a “team controller” at all. Got my first console at age 20, never get a lot of games on a given platform, mostly keeps to Steam and expensive mice/keyboards ! But hey, as I said, maybe I can find a solution to make it work on PS4.

Yeah that’s the feeling I get from the posts. I think I lurk quite a lot of the forums and that’s what I get from the community. Not that I’d leave the PC ( I got a few RL pals that play, albeit rarely ) but I haven’t been able to play a single MP match since… I feel forever. Between work, life usual complications, and the huge waiting times, I can only try to play at late hours and it’s too late already…

Anyway, I probably won’t get it before a day or two, so that leaves me the mundain decisions like pluging it into the monitor or the TV ( I lean toward monitor, I don’t like playing from the couch too much ).
I’ll grab a copy on PS4. Too bad the progress won’t transfer over, I’m not super impatient to re-do my Masteries or try to get silver again in all missions =)

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You mentioned Euros so I assume your in Europe somewhere. If you do want people to play with in PvP or do any missions, there’s a few of us play fairly regular if you want to join us. My psn is the same as forum name.

Generally we get in games pretty quick, and we can see there are always new players appearing - suggesting the community is growing all the time.