Alt+TAB is causing FPS Drops (Stuttering) in Windows (Game Fullscreen Mode only)

Not sure if this was reported already. Just in case it wasnt reported yet…
Before i start, here some important Specs:

Platform = PC @ Windows 10 x64 Version 1903 and all latest Updates available
CPU = Intel Core i7 6700k OC @ 4,4Ghz
RAM = 16GB DDR4-3000
GPU = EVGA GTX 1070 @ Nvidia Driver Version 436.15 (unable to Check for newer Versions, Nvidia seems to have Issues i guess)
Monitor = Asus PB287Q (Native Resolution 3840x2160 aka 4k)
Ingame Resolution = 2560x1440 in Fullscreen or 50% Scaling in Borderless Window Mode (down to normal 1080p) because 67% for correct 1440p is not available. That 75% thing would create weird Resolutions like 2880x1620)

Whenever i play in Fullscreen Mode and use Alt+TAB Windows acts like it dropped to less 10FPS until i use Alt+TAB to get back into the game. Happens with Fullscreen Mode only, both Window Mode are not having this Issue.

Temporary Solution: Do NOT use Fullscreen Mode.

Edit: If possible can you add Resolution Scaling 67%?? :smiley: