Alt toon for Oscar Mike main

Hi mates. Looking for some input on a decent alt. I usually play OM and find I do pretty well, spend early game bombing minion groups with frag and general harassment of the enemy team when I can. Goes well and this is obviously where he excels role wise.
Problem is, I’m struggling to get the hang of another character if he gets picked. I become next to useless trying to fill another role. I know spending some time playing other styles I will eventually improve but wondering who the closest OM style toon might be so I at least have a sturdy go to when he is unavailable.

Wiskey foxtrot is very simlar with a burst rifle and scrap cannon instead of stealth skill and autorifle.

Whiskey is similar to Mike only by the lore. Don’t try playing him like Mike, his gameplay certainly differs.

You can use private Versus matches against bots to try different characters.

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