Altering a sav file?


Nah, I don’t know how to do that, but I also don’t need to edit the save file anymore.

I solved the problem with the Federation AI by starting over with the AI scripts and using the trace. If I remember right, I never did find the problem that was causing the AI to get stuck, but I just built the new one up slow and tested each step along the way. There must have been a loop in the demand values or something like that. The upgrades are also spaced out according to how many of the ships they already have. That way the AI doesn’t spend too many space-bucks on upgrades for ships they don’t even have in their fleet yet.

Quick update on what I’ve been doing though: I got the memory usage down so that Star Trek vs Homeworld can be played with all races in the game on the second lowest graphics setting. Which sounds like it sucks, but it really looks better than the very lowest one! haha Anyway, I don’t think it’s going to get any better than that.

AND I just got voices for individual ships to work! This was a serious pain in the butt, but now I can give Makaan’s Revenge a creepy reanimated-from-the-dead-robo-Makaan voice!

Also the Star Trek Treaty ships can have a voice from their race too.

If anybody wants to do some voice acting let me know! I think I’ll make a thread for it once I’m sure that it all really works with a bunch of ships set with their own voice. But if enough people want to do it we could even put a new voice on the Battlecruisers and stuff. :smiley:

I’m currently making some voices which created by AI. It sounds good, but you can’t feel any emotion in it, so for now I only have such new voices for tutorial and kadesh fleet.

I wouldn’t mind having a stab at that. I’ve been told several times I have a good narration voice, at least.


Very Good! Let me do some testing to make sure this is really going to work without messing everything up, and then I’ll start a separate thread. I’m pretty sure it’s going to work with more than one voice per ship too, so there should be enough good parts for everybody. (Not that someone is going to end up having to be some useless ■■■■ like the Sensor Array or the Command Corvette, haha)

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My voice is ■■■■.


I almost think I could use anyone as long as they speak clearly and the recording is good. I could change them around in Goldwave.

But if the person is a mush mouth or if there’s a horny cat in the background, then there’s not much I can do about that. :smiley: Or if it’s recorded using that stupid little hole in the front of your laptop :slight_smile: