Alternate factions teir 2/ level 21 skins?

was extremly dissapointed there wasn’t a new skin or helix and just titles ;(


so Ghat’s new warlock skin makes him look Jennerit, and Beatrix’s skin make her look LLC kinda

so WHAT IF there was alternative skins for other characters. Like Whiskey has the UPR armor like someone else suggested, Rath has LLC uniforms, Alani was turned to a Jennerit (still waiting for that hood white girl skin)


Faction swap skins are already a thing. Miko’s “Our Corporate Sponsorship” and S&A’s “Natural and Organic” are prime examples.


That’s like two characters .-. also what faction would Miko’s be part of

Not to forget Miko´s “Our Rath Cosplay”^^

Also I like the “Alternate History” skin for Rath, which looks very Eldrid. Attikus Grendel-skin is very Eldrid too and Ernests dragon-skin gives him a Jennerit colorscheme.

The only thing I find sad is that such skins are not released as destinct bundle (like “Faction-Swap” or “Faction Cosplay Bundle”), marketplace is a bit messy this way.


but we need MORE than color schemes, remember how Shayne and Marquis skins are basic redesigns? We need more of those :smiley:


I wish they could make lore for them too as alternative dimensions


Also, benedict has the dragon skin

I ment the primevil/dinosaur skin for Ernest, I call it “Ernie´s Dragon-skin” ^^

Rath has “Alternate History”

Ohh that one, “devolved” but what’s with the robo face lol

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Robo-chicken could totally be a Jennerit character. I mean, Ambra´s whole body is a metal chassi, spraypainted in a gothiclike white skintone :grin: And Rath´s skullplate looks quiet cyborg too.


You gots that point (I really wish and hope those alternate skins get their own lore)

That “Devolved” Skin is a Reference to the 2K Title Evolved… I think.

I’m not sure how close his wear comes compared to the playable Humans, but the Name + the color reminded me instantly, although I only saw very little of the game.

Phoebe’s ‘Natural Philosophy’ and ISIC’s ‘Entropy Is Irreversible =D’ skins look Eldrid-ish. Also Deande’s ‘Electronic Espionage’ looks L.L.C like.

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