Alternate firing modes

Why don’t npcs use these? I mean, a lot of the hate that badass enemies get is the whole rocket to the face constantly… Why not let them use torgue sticky projectiles?

And then there’s the item duping on Zane’s clone… If I’m shooting a Maliwan melter that swaps between corrosive and fire - I can swap to the fire and spawn clone on a badass but he only shoots corrosive because it was the first element listed. Kinda kills the point of any anointment bonus from clone swapping when he’s by default going to have a damage penalty against unarmored opponents.

I just think that putting alternate firing modes on the weapons and only letting the VH use them is pretty pathetic… And since we apparently won’t be getting optimization any time soon can you at least make the game more fun/make sense in the mean time?

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