Alternate Timeline

I posted this on the HW3 facebook page but it is likely not to be noticed there, buried as it is in an old post about sharing ideas for alternate timelines in the HW universe. I had imagined a different route that Kushan history could have taken that might have been considerably “less bumpy”. Here’s the short, simple version (and really the only version right now):

Step 1: Gaalsien win the war against the Northern Coalition
Step 2: Insert 165 years of Kharak under Gaalsien rule
Step 3: Vaygr come to Kharak to claim the Second Core. Gaalsien take the arrival of the Sajuuk-Khar as their divine pardon and invitation to reenter the heavens
Step 4: Gaalsien build a Mothership to make the journey back to paradise
Step 5: Gaalsien and Vaygr destroy the Taiidan Empire and the Bentusi to claim their destiny, their home, and their redemption, and to reawaken Sajuuk

It’s funny, because it just goes to show you that all the Exiles ever had to do was “wait it out” like the Gaalsi wanted, and they could have avoided the depopulation of Kharak AND the partial/attempted depopulation of Hiigara. Two genocidal crises averted!


You forgot something. The beast. It would have overrun the galaxy if the time line had been changed…

I didn’t forget them! I just figured, hey, the Somtaaw were never around to find the beacon, so…

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I never thought of that. Good point.

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I tried to cover my bases, and I’m not one to forget about Cataclysm!

The argument could be made that the Raiders were in that area as well and could have been the ones to unleash the plague, but really the only thing that drew anyone to that sector was the Bushan-Re, and since the Manaani wouldn’t have been poking around either, there’s at least a pretty good chance that the Beast is still dormant, waiting to be discovered in this timeline, most likely by some unlucky Hiigarans as before… just a bit later.

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I don’t see how Step 3 can ever happen. The Vaygr don’t become a thing without the fall of the Taiidan destabilizing the galaxy, so the Third Core is likely never found.

Or it’s found by the Taiidan.

Or in the time under Gaalsien rule the polar regions of Kharak become uninhabitable and the Kushan die out.

And if Step 3 does happen. Step 4 almost certainly doesn’t. The Vaygr would take the Core and leave the Kushan on Kharak to die. Or not even notice that they were there, since the core is in the uninhabitable equatorial regions and the Kushan population is barely eking out an existence at the poles.

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My understanding was that the Vaygr were not the shambles of the former Taiidan Empire… they merely absorbed those remains. The Taiidan just linked up with Makaan to exploit an opportunity to be part of the Hiigarans’ downfall, and they only bumped into each other in the first place because Makaan was invading the coreward regions. The Vaygr have been roaming the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy for presumably quite a long time… since they have their own lawless region to roam, the Empire not falling probably would not have any impact on their development. Like, their technology is totally different from galactic standard (no ions - their only beam weapon technology is in miniature, exactly the opposite of everyone else). As for the Taiidan finding the 3rd Core instead, remember that the Empire was poised to split at the time of the original Kushan return. Without the depopulation of Kharak, there would have been no precipitating factor to begin the Taiidan Rebellion, but the cohesion of the Empire probably would have remained uneasy… it is doubtful they would have expanded much if at all in those 115 extra years.

That’s possible, but the Gaalsien were sufficiently advanced to be thriving in the deep desert while the more fertile North was already starting to choke. If things got very much worse over those 115 extra years, I can see the Gaalsi abandoning their holdings and moving toward the poles, but I expect with their survival techniques and technology they would have been able to sustain life there for an extra century, given the much worse conditions they were abiding in at the time of DoK.

They could do that, but they’d be missing an opportunity. The Vaygr and Gaalsien have such fortuitously symbiotic beliefs. Gaalsien are waiting for some sign from Sajuuk that the Kushan have humbled themselves and repented sufficiently to reascend, and Makaan is eager to proclaim himself the Sajuuk-Khar. Here he finds an opportunity to lend himself considerable credibility as the chosen one by not only taking another step to fulfilling his own destiny, but also allowing the Kushan to fulfill their destiny in the name of the same god. Like, all he would have to do is invite the Gaalsien to join him as the proclaimed Sajuuk-Khar and they would be all-in. He’d have a new and incredibly zealous fighting force in no time to aid in his ongoing crusade to attain the last Core and conquer the galaxy. And what would he have to give the Gaaslien-led Kushan in return? At most, Hiigara - the paradise they were exiled from. And what is Hiigara to Makaan? Nothing. The Vaygr are space nomads. And he would have the rest of the galaxy anyway. He’d be revered by the Kushan for all time as the Sajuuk-Khar, which for all intents and purposes he would have proven himself to be.


Here’s a crude rendering of early-stage musing about a Gaalsien-constructed Mothership: