Alternating Elemental Weapons

What are some elemental weapons that alternate elements when fired, without having to change the element manually? For example, the destructo spinner and the nemesis.

A few off the top of my head:

  • Quadomizer launcher (true element rotation)
  • Tsunami SMG (bullet + chance to fire shock or corrosive rounds)
  • Nemesis pistol (element + chance to shock)

The Hellshock can switch between shock and fire, but if you shoot at ground/walls/whatever, it reflects with projectiles of the other element respectively.

Afaik the Roisen’s Thorns fires one corrosive and four incendiary projectiles. I’m not 100% sure about this but that’s what the wiki says.

The Oldridian switches element on reload, but I believe that’s not really what you’re looking for.

The Wedding Invitation’s primary element is fire, but when critting (and you need to crit to make this weapon do anything at all), the ricochet is cryo.

allmighty destructo spinner!

The Kaleidoscope you swap elements when you look down sights.