Alternative Album Art for the HWRM Soundtrack

The remaster of the original HW1 soundtrack was superbly done, but I was always annoyed by the choice of using the HW2 Angel Moon logo on the album art. So today I decided to change it to the HW1 logo, and also changed the colors from Hiigaran to Kushan while I was at it. Then I made a Taiidan-themed one just for the heck of it :wink:

And here’s the original art, just for reference:

To use these with the audio files, you’ll have to either remove or replace the existing art that’s embedded in the files. I use Mp3tag for this purpose. Enjoy!


Would it be possible to have one for Vaygr too ? Please, pretty please ? ^^

Ok here you go! :slightly_smiling:


Thanks ! :smiley:

Everybody’s happy now :smile:

Wait! The Hiigaran one still says Homeworld but the Vaygr one says Homeworld 2! :wink:

I was just posting the original HW1 cover for reference. Both the stock HW1 and HW2 soundtrack covers have the Hiigaran look.

I’m Vaygr, I’m happy.

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Would you be so kind to provide the original for Homeworl2 too ? Or to explain me how to extract it from the audio files if it’s how you did it ? :slightly_smiling:

I used a program called Mp3tag, you can use that to extract, remove, and replace embedded album art. There are probably other programs that can do this as well.

Anyway, here’s the HW2 album art:

Thanks, both for the image and the explanation ! :smile:

Can we expect a Gaalsien cover for the Deserts soundtrack? :sunglasses:

Not to put any actual pressure on you. This is really great work though… more entries would always be fun!


I hadn’t thought of that! I’ll look into it.


I don’t actually own the DoK soundtrack, and thus don’t have the original cover, so I used this image from the Steam store page as the basis for making a new one:

Anyway, using that as a base, I came up with this Gaalsien cover:


That’s amazing… :slight_smile: For the time you had… Can you do one more for the Taiidan Republic? :wink:

If someone will furnish me with a high quality Tai Republic emblem, absolutely :smiley:

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LOL! For which soundtrack is my question.

Re: The Gaalsien soundtrack cover… love it! I too do not yet own DoK’s soundtrack, but when I get it, as I plan to, it’ll be great to have this waiting for me! Just hope I can figure out the embedded-mp3-image-remover-thingy without too much hassle.