Alternative shield breaking

I’ve got a good grenade for breaking my shield. I was just curious if there was a good alternative. Grenades don’t always show up when you need them.


Not something I’ve done, but would shock barrels also work? And, of course, there’s always the good old “Rocket launcher aimed at your feet” approach…

run into enemy fire is standard for me. toss deception, so that you keep getting hit electively.

Use a chain lighting too. Also because you can toss it at enemies to strip and damage them.

use a lower level kerblaster, spash damage shotty or maybe a thunderbal fists (sounds friggin lame but…)

Would an electric Splatgun work? I think those splash damage the user.

A bladed one would be pretty functional. Do they come like that?

They certainly do damage the user if fired at close range, or shot will standing facing a wall.

Equipping the Rough Rider then the desired shield.
Takes a bit of inventory time however…


I may have to farm one to test.

Isn’t that a bit disruptive to game play?

Using weapons is a little tricky, but I use sword splosion to effect with Krieg to strip his health, and make lots of grenades blowing up enemies.

Slow hands have tremendous splash damage so using (a shock or maybe corrosive) one at the right level can work. Don’t use slag tho, unless you like being dead.

However, I just realized one problem. Using a weapon would also mean the shield needs to have a long enough delay for execute or that the weapon applies a dot.

It is a lot :smiley:
But if you need your shield down and you can’t/don’t want to use your grenades or weapons, it is an alternative !

Well I’ve dusted off my gunning Zer0, and here’s what I do with bots, now that I kinda remember how to do things and don’t suck… too much at least. I run up to them, slagging them, maybe take a few swipes to further widdle down their health, pop deception as they melee me, then poke em dead. Stripping is often unneeded because my shield is depleted.

It’s easy enough to park yourself next to your decoy in order to take damage. Enemies applying dots are good cause your shield stays down.

Small skags and weaker stalkers are funny to kill, let them mob you and deplete your hide. Now you have dead enemies.

You use a melee shield with a gun Zero? nice.

I’ve finally learned how to line up shots with Backstab. I suppose I could wait until I get a few hits in before I go into deception. Then, dash around behind them.

I just got a Hide. I’ve been using Love Thumper (which I love). So it’s a hell of an adjustment, having to keep my shield down.

Why not with killer com? Most of the time I can one shot bots with a twister, but its still good for a last blow.

Chain lightning regents grenades over time

This and also Strom Front for it’s AoE effect that can keep you healed while your shield is down. Those are the two best ways.
If you can’t find one of them the best bet would be to farm vending machines for this type of grenade:

  • Vladof
  • Tesla
  • Loobed or Longbow
  • As close to 0.0 fuse time but below 1.0 seconds fuse time
  • Enough damage to strip your current roid shield (some testing may be required)