Alternative skills concepts

Commando primary
name : burst
Description : Quickly fire a barrage of 3 bullets with high accuracy. Each bullet deals 100% damage, with a proc coefficient of 1.0.
There is a 0.05 second delay between shells in the burst, and between bursts there is a 0.7 second delay.

Artificer primary
name : Frost blast
Description : Shoot a barrage of 7 ice spikes at enemies. Each spike deals 45% damage, with a proc coeddicient of 0.7. Each spike has a 25% chance to freeze the enemy hit. Hold up to 4.

Artificer utility
Name : Ion shield
Description : Generates an electric shield around you, which repels all types of projectiles and will reduce damage in melee by 75% for 4 seconds.

Artificer special
Name : permafrost
Description : Releases a Freezer Pulse that instantly freezes all enemies and the ground below, immediately dealing 170% damage. Frozen ground will deal 50% damage every second for 12 seconds, a 20% chance to freeze an enemy.

Mercenary secondary
Name : Calm before the storm
Description : Become totally invulnerable and parry all damage for a few seconds. At the end of the ability, launch a devastating projectile that will deal damage proportional to the damage absorbed.

Huntress secondary
Name : 3rd eye
Description : Throws a device capable of sticking to any wall, which detects any enemies and crates in its field of view, increasing damage against highlighted enemies by 50%. You have 3 basic, and you can deploy a maximum of 6.

Engineer primary
Name : Breakthrough Grenade Launcher
Description : Shoot the fast grenades that can cover long distances without problem, and on impact with an enemy they deal 20% damage with 0.5 proc coefficient. After 0.6 seconds, the grenade explodes, dealing 120% damage with a proc coefficient of 1.0. If the grenade hits a surface instead of an enemy, it will detonate after 1.2 seconds. It has a magazine of 8 grenades and a rate of fire of 1 grenade every 1.15 seconds. Grenades automatically reload if you don’t fire for 1.5 seconds at a rate of 2 grenades per second.

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