Alternative Video Game Music

So I saw the new Homefront trailer, and thought, why is it nearly always orchestral type music (or “epic music”, if you like) that’s used?

Why not some grindcore, or K-Pop, or some country?

I know Borderlands was an exception, what with The Heavy and Cage The Elephant (although I don’t think they were used for the trailers, just the introductory cutscenes), but I’d like to see some different music.

So, the question is, what would you like to hear during game trailers, or games themselves? Something that goes with the trailer, or something that compliments the gameplay, IMO, so for instance, for the Homefront trailer I would’ve liked to have heard Kreator’s Violent Revolution, as this would compliment the whole vibe of the game perfectly.

For the upcoming DOOM I would like some serious chugging riffs as I chainsaw demons back to the cesspit.

For Fallout, I would like some eerier ambient stuff. Whilst the music in the game gets me as it is, I feel they could have done better.

Neverwinter could do with some epic folk metal, or Viking metal, such as Turisas, Eluveitie, or Amon Amarth.

So what do you guys think?

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[quote=“TheRandomGoth, post:1, topic:1247543”]what would you like to hear during game trailers, or games themselves?[/quote]Definitely something that complements the gameplay. A trailer should, in my opinion, give the viewer a reasonable expectation about the game (if not the combat, the overall tone of the story/setting). The introductory songs for Borderlands 1 and 2, for example, nailed it in my opinion. The music in the Pre-Sequel Moon Dance trailer actually made me not want to play it.

For the new Doom, it depends on the game. It looks to be somewhat fast-paced (for certain values of “fast”), and there seems to be a big focus on the finishing moves. The player doesn’t seem to be fighting quickly though… he seems to be playing more of a slow moving tank? Doom 3’s menu music, for example, made me anticipate that sort of combat, but when I didn’t really get it, the music just seemed out of place. Some metal whose cadence matches the combat would be nice. From what I’ve seen, a slightly slower, heavy metal piece would fit that pace.

That said, “Oh Yeah” by Yello seems to match the combat cadence of that one early trailer (where he puts his helmet on at first) just about perfectly. It probably wouldn’t work for an in-game combat theme, but for that trailer, it’s spot-on (I actually fired up that trailer on mute with this song playing over it). Plus it’s kind of funny, and if you can make me laugh, that’s almost a guaranteed sale.

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Pre ordered! I’ve waited forever for this game.

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The music in that video worked pretty well (seems like it was custom-written for it though, as opposed to being a pre-recorded song applied afterwards); good cadence for the combat scenes, right amount of metal… very Doom-y.

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