Alternative way to run Oasis in Enhanced Edition

I’ve uploaded a new version of the Oasis installer on Nexus for Borderlands Enhanced Edition.
It includes a fix for missing textures that I’ve tested extensively and seems to work just fine. :slight_smile:

I’ve included as an optional download a tiny stand-alone app I wrote in Visual Basic that has 2 buttons on it. First button replaces Fyrestone Colosseum with Oasis and second button reverts it back to default again.
My coding skills are somewhat lacking so it’s ugly as fook and I used a toilet icon to reflect this.
Also if you click a button twice in a row it’ll give an error code…but other than that it works fine as intended…so meh :stuck_out_tongue:

Nexus dosn’t seem to like WinRAR self-extractors any more so I’ve uploaded the files to MediaFire in a single zip file. Just extract and run the installer followed by the replacer tool


Awesome! Glad to see this make its way to enhanced with fixes.:ok_hand: