Alternative way to run Oasis in Enhanced Edition

I’ve uploaded a new version of the Oasis installer on Nexus for Borderlands Enhanced Edition.
It includes a fix for missing textures that I’ve tested extensively and seems to work just fine. :slight_smile:

I’ve included as an optional download a tiny stand-alone app I wrote in Visual Basic that has 2 buttons on it. First button replaces Fyrestone Colosseum with Oasis and second button reverts it back to default again.
My coding skills are somewhat lacking so it’s ugly as fook and I used a toilet icon to reflect this.
Also if you click a button twice in a row it’ll give an error code…but other than that it works fine as intended…so meh :stuck_out_tongue:

Nexus dosn’t seem to like WinRAR self-extractors any more so I’ve uploaded the files to MediaFire in a single zip file. Just extract and run the installer followed by the replacer tool


Awesome! Glad to see this make its way to enhanced with fixes.:ok_hand:

Valley of Death for Borderlands Enhanced Edition.

It isn’t only the textures that the new version of Borderlands messes with, there are a shedload of meshes altered as well, some with completely different collision and some slightly altered in size.
Was a PITA to update VoD to work properly and there are still a couple of lighting oddities in a couple of places that I couldn’t solve :stuck_out_tongue:

But it works

Mediafire Links:-


RAR version (extract to BorderlandsGOTYenhanced directory):


Doomdocks for Enhanced Edition

Took me a while to sort out the lighting on the riverbank but I think this is a big improvement on the original.

Or Mediafire links:




Braindead for Enhanced Edition

Didn’t have to do much to this one but improved some materials and added some signposts

Mediafire Links:-




Looking cool joker.

Just fixed some lighting problems in VoD, updated links above :+1:

Maze Of The Living Dead for Borderlands Enhanced Edition

The custom ground texture I made for this map was kind of weird looking in Enhanced Edition so I changed it to something that fits better.
Also upped the ambient light a little so there should be no more areas that are pitch black :wink:

Mediafire Links:-



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Hi, I’m trying to install Oasis via your installer, but when I run the replacer tool it gives me an error code “76” - path not found. Any advice?

The replacer will only work if your steam & Borderlands install is to the system drive
If it’s anywhere else it won’t find the file to replace.

You can download the scripts I used in the app and manually edit them to point to the right path (right-click ‘edit’) then run the one you need

Just change all the instances of
sysdrive & "
in the 2 blocks of text below the first block of text to
if your steam install is to D or E if it’s to E etc etc
Then save the changes and run the one called Oasis

edit: you may need to remove the /Program Files (x86) from the paths if your steam install is to a storage or secondary drive

Ah, thank you very much! I’ll try that and report back.

EDIT: I have Oasis working now! Is there any way to change where the location is in the fast travel menu? Or the name?

Not that I’ve found.
Had a good look for it whem the Enhanced Edition came out :confused: