Always behind in levels?

I’m always like 1 or 2 levels behind everybody else. Why? I have tried everything. I build stuff, I kill minions, I get player killed not many but there are people with less kills and higher level. I don’t understand. Somebody please help my poor soul.

Well who do you play as? Sometimes getting assists also helps out in leveling up.

I fall in level as well but I’m usually support and I mainly focus on healing/assisting/objective.

I mostly play as Marquis and I tend to get a nice amount of assists. Maybe I should try a different character?

If you are playing marquis you are probably sitting off sniping as he is a long rage character therefore your not picking up xp from enemy minions being killed. Try to place his slow bubble on each wave that comes down then you will get xp from them being killed.

I do not agree. Marquis is great killing minions and leveling fast. Maybe play more agressive? T

don’t forget to build buildables as well. also, marquis is great for killing enemy buildables. easy xp and it hurts the enemy.

Yes Marquis is great at killing minions, but I find that a lot of Marquis player focus too hard on trying to kill other players early on and completely neglect minions. This is especially true on Incursion modes. And if players don’t make of them easy targets, such Marquis will soon be under-leveled. Minions kills > player kills in like 70% of match time.

I didn’t say he wasn’t good for killing minions I was stating that he may not be picking up as many as possible by not focusing them as marquis is long range it is easy to get drawn into trying to pickoff enemy players instead. If you put a bubble on the whole enemy wave then you are going to pick up max xp from each wave.