Am i allone in this?

The way GB is making this game “chalenging” and adding “difficulties” isn’t realy doing anything to me…

there’s 0 chalange… just blasting your whole ammo into a few enemies while standing there like a tree isn’t realy my idea of a chalange (or the chalange would be to run out of ammo and tickle everything to death)

appart from the increased loot, this game gives me 0 incentive to play on harder difficulty (on the contrary, it’s boring me…)

anybody else bored of this “difficulty” or is it just me?


The game still occasionally kicks my backside on the base difficulties. While I find there’s not a lot of incentive to make it more annoying with Mayhem, I also don’t want to be arm-twisted into it. One of the worst things about BL2 (and TPS) was being shoved into TVHM and then again into the awfulness of UVHM.

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i would say the difficulty is more like crafting a build that m4 does not feel like a bulletsponge anymore

i dont like m4 just to point that out and i felt like you the first weekend
i changed my build traded for items because lol why would they drop to me ? ^^
and now i am at a point where m4 feels better than m3
but i would not do this again any time soon ^^

rly miss the mayhem on twitch week annointment rates :frowning:


agreed, playing the whole game again but on a slightly upped difficulty allways bored me haha…

digistruct peak on the other hand was a lot of fun to up the difficulty… and actualy making some enemies harder to kill (adding armor, making critspot bit harder to reach) but far from perfect still…

that’s what i don’t get with this game… it allmost feels like the devs didn’t learn anything from previous games :frowning:

that’s how i feel :smiley: mayhem is just increasing health and increasing drops to compensate for the time spent (wich isn’t realy working, seeing people farm most bosses stacking some insane DPS modifiers or glitching stuff alltogether)

and that’s kinda counterintuitive haha GB wanted the players to test and play wacky builds, yet they bottleneck you into using coockiecutter builds just to stack enough damage to overcome the broken inflation of health/shields/armor :smiley:

i tried so many builds but the problem is it comes down to that 1% weapons that are actualy viable to use in M4

difficulty imho isn’t just increasing damage, it should be more about using tactics (in M4 you can just stand there and shoot… half the time you don’t even have to dodge or take cover)


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haha the last one i ragequit a few times back then :stuck_out_tongue:

those 2 bosses where a bit much for me hahaha i had to bring in my friend to beat that one (needed a bulletsponge/distraction hehe)

it did not wrote this as a defense for m4 :smiley:

i feel 100% like you :slight_smile:
i am rly looking forward to what we get with mayhem 2.0

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I also noticed that the Bonus Stats make a world of difference – I was struggling with the Trial of Cunning on TVHM M4 – mainly just couldn’t finish under the allotted time (very bullet-spongy enemies & having to stay back shooting from a distance to avoid death). All of a sudden points were working again & I sailed through it easily multiple times? Wow, the bonus buffs are powerful! But – I’ve played tons so have a lot of points.

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hmm… maybe it’s because i don’t have all the guardian perks unlocked yet :sweat_smile:

but if that’s true… wow…

grinding GR for weeks now and it amazes me how slow it is hahaha

Yeah, doesn’t really seem fair to newcomers or more casual players – like they tune things for the top 1% of players.

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they are gating stuff to much…

like the maliwan stuff… gated so far away that a normal solo player would never even get to it (M4 takedown at maliwan)

recently found out that some quest (Wick and Warty for example) won’t spawn if you don’t have any friends… that’s great… non of my friends play BL3 let allone have the epic launcher installed (one of the many reasons non of my friends don’t play this game)

i hate when developers pull ■■■■ like this… what’s the point? it will just haunt them and bite them in the ass (steering more people away from the game)

Oh? So apart from the whole bunch of weapons that aren’t actually viable anywhere there are also the ones not viable for M4? :wink:

pretty much yes :smiley:

i thought that M4 would make you focus more on elemental damage… but it’s just stacking as much damage you can (allmost ignoring elemental damage)

and so many weapons are kinda useless in M4 (apart from the allready useless ones that are in the game)

your builds are not making m4 not bullet spongey… it is correct use of stupidly powerful annointments. your shield gives you bonus dmg your nade gives bonus dmg ase? guess what bonus dmg during as duration? more bonus dmg it is a damage stacking simulator. yesterday me and prismatic were destroying trail of fervor on m4 because we now simply udnerstand how to stack correctly but all the elitists saying it is not a terrible design are wrong. it is much more exclusive than old bl2 op8 was in terms of what you want to use vs what game has to offer.


This is incorrect… They simply aren’t a guaranteed spawn. If friends had to unlock it for you then who unlocked it for them? Other friends that have magic codes in the game? Rare spawns have been adjusted but imo they weren’t broken to begin with.

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that’s what i’ve been told, and it works when somebody got the random spawn for them and the quest should pop up on their friends’ game.

in all the time i’ve been playing not 1 quest ever spawned on that wall :frowning: there was a day i’ve kept reloading the game to see what earl’s shop spawned and think i reloaded the game more then a hundred times, not once spawning the quests… i wanted the gun but after trying my hardest to get them or the quest to spawn i just gave up on it

so, then it’s just broken?

If you’re only planning to fight the rare spawn after accepting the quest from Sanctuary, then yes you need friends as it is a social bounty board - they will never show unless a friend triggers it (and from what I’ve been told the friends had to be doing it while you are online).

I wouldn’t know though as I have no friends so when I target rare spawns, I reload the map they’re on in order to spawn them. I’ve not fought all the rare spawns but I do fight plenty of them - including Wick and Worty.

tried farming them (never seen them) so i kept reloading into lectra city… gave up after an afternoon…

i tell you, some of the decisions made in this game are realy questionable :frowning:

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