Am I chasing a ghost?

I’ve been trying to farm for a splash damage+action skill damage class mod for ages now. Can these bonuses roll together or am I chasing a ghost?

Has anyone found ANY class mod with BOTH passive bonuses?

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Should be able to, just rare.

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I’ve only found one so far with this modifier. Am still looking.


There are like 60 different stat boosts, so if you figure 1/60 class mods will have splash damage on them, and then 1/60 of those will also have action skill damage, only ~1/3600 will have both.

Have you completely filled your bank with unwanted class mods nine times already?


They can, the chance is just somewhere around 1 / 2100 so have fun farming.

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I never paid attention to how many different passives we’ve got until now. With 60 different passives I might as well stop trying. What a waste of time.

Well, at least I managed to farm a class mod with the new Action Skill Damage modifier. I guess that’s better than nothing but being a perfectionist the other modifier will be in my head all the time.

It’s actually 65 (I know that doesn’t make it better). :<

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The only time I ever farmed class mods was during that event where the Eridian Trial bosses were guaranteed to drop 3 legendaries each. Can’t imagine trying otherwise. It just isn’t fun.


On top of that dedicated drops are still not guaranteed AND I’m on console so the loading times take forever. Darn what a bummer. :frowning:

I wish farming for specific things was realistic.

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  • Gun part rerolling
  • Anointment rerolling
  • Manufacturer chests
  • Quality upgrading
  • Level upgrading

Maybe BL4 will realize it’s not the year 2000 anymore :expressionless: (Although even Diablo 2 had the Horadric Cube)

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Maybe Gearbox needs to cut some of these passive stats as they have done with anointments. In my mind, I’d be happy for them to completely remove any of the manufacturer-specific ones. They’re too narrow in what they add.

The other day I dropped a really nice one which was something like Dahl weapons, Dahl crit, assault rifle damage and I look forward theorycrafting what could be done with that, but I’d be just as pleased to get weapon damage, critical hit damage, assault rifle damage.


Awesome idea. I too think manufacturer-specific passives are kinda obsolete due to the alternatives we have.

still takes like what 800 run during event lol

Thanks. Just doing a quick bit of research, there are in fact 35 manufacturer-specific stat rolls and each of those rolls are also matched with another roll which represents all guns (i.e. Hyperion weapon damage vs. standard weapon damage) so if they simply deleted these then we would have a drastic reduction in that move alone.

Furthermore, I would be happy for them to:

  • Cut out the specific element resistance roll or just turn it into a single roll representing all elements.
  • Turn splash damage and splash radius into one stat comprising both.
  • Turn accuracy and handling into one stat comprising both (I wouldn’t be excited by either of them separately, but both together? I could roll with that).
  • Turn grenade damage and radius into one stat (I normally avoid grenade radius, so they could even just delete it).
  • Delete grenade capacity.

If they made these changes then I feel mods would generally feel more satisfying and less like a lottery. Myself, I would never farm for a mod, I just trade for one I can work with, but this would open up the game in a significant way.


Even then, the chance for SoJ was like what? Somewhere around 1 / 1300 iirc and that thing had fixed stats afaik. Getting a CM with the bonus attributes you want from a dedicated loot source is 1 / 5241600 and that is if you don’t care about the associated character skills.


^^ And that’s everything that’s wrong with this game in a nutshell.

I just HAD to come back to this post because something just happened. I wanted to quickly play for a few minutes and just mess around while my food was cooking.

When I checked the first vendor machine I noticed there was a class mod with…

Splash damage AND Action Skill Damage.

BUT… It’s a Phasezerker class mod.

Anyone know if it’s good for an Amara action skill only build? My gf mains Amara so I don’t know anything about Amara builds.

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I’m just starting with Amara, but that ought to work well with Phaseslam and her skills that boost DOT and elemental damage.

That would be the best thing ever with my build, keep it even if you don’t use it cause those are two of the best bonuses you could get. Crap I’m so envious…

gbox remove some anoints when people complains. so lets petition for useless perks to be removed as well.

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