Am I doing something wrong or is the end game scaling really rough?

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Damage is better than tech in most scenarios. Only explosive weapons of a specific type (Revolver and Sniper) might prefer the higher multiplier in lieu of damage due to the way explosive tech pool works for those two weapon classes. For DoT weapons take the best combination of damage and fire rate every time.

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A vitriolic crux at 189xwhatever, even lower damage ones in the 150’s can twerk enemies. People never pick them up when I offer them. I’ve offered the 182’s I’ve found but no one ever wants them (those are usually mod players probs though which I don’t use). So yeah, use that fire and corrosive to your full advantage.

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DOT is dependent both on the card damage, the proc size (a discussion unto itself), and your level relative to the enemy’s. In general a bigger multiplier is better - it will allow more elemental procs overall.

Here’s the detailed explanation if you’re into that kind of thing:


OK, I completed Ned’s and went back to Knoxx’s. Ajax was still a painfully powerful foe but I did manage to kill him. The BA elemental lance were still toughish but a lot more manageable. The DOT did kill a couple of them for free but for some reason it didn’t do that for the others. Maybe I still need to spray to the tank instead of just lighting the enemy itself on fire?

Skag riders and alpha skags melted to Hellfire very well. Wish I had one of the high firerate ones on high level instead of the one I have (low mag, low fire rate) but it’s still doing quite admirable work.

I guess elemental weapons were the solution to the problem in the end. I was under the impression that they weren’t as necessary as in BL2 because I completed most of the leveling process without them but I can certainly see their power now.

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Yeah, the tank is definitely where you want to focus as it has much less health(seems to anyway) than the trooper wearing it.

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What system are you on?

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With Roland, I found that his proficiency with shotguns and assault rifles made DOT not absolutely necessary in the Knoxx DLC, but even then a strong Crux or Defiler still killed (non-chemical) lance faster than anything else. Personally, I preferred using the Crux and it seemed to kill the quickest for me, but the Defiler wasn’t too far off (just needed me to be more accurate).

Another surprisingly good weapon against them was Krom’s Sidearm, which is easily refarmable, although that too became redundant once I found an Orion.

Again with Roland, one of my favourite weapons was a NE Pearl Havoc, which laid waste to Lance and Devestators. And a NE Bulldog shotgun was the only weapon I needed against Knoxx himself. Can’t remember anymore for other characters but with Axton I think NE worked pretty well. Except for the Jakob’s Cove DLC. Doing that without a Hellfire is just suicide :grin:

edit: wrote Axton instead of Roland :open_mouth:

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Do you by any chance mean Roland? I’d love to have Roland with Axton’s turret, but that really would be OP in BL1!

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Doh! You can tell how long it’s been since I’ve played BL1! Yes, I meant Roland :blush:

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Roland strategy against the Crimson Lance - get a Draco and aim for the head. They just MELT. It’s so satisfying.

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It is good, yes. Another great gun in Roland’s hands is a Fire Destroyer. 1-2 clips max will kill most Lance (and skags!) and they empty in the blink of an eye. Or an Ogre: now that’s a beast (see what I did there?) of a gun in Roland’s hands and can take down pretty much anything. I had a Pearl Ogre with very high accuracy and it was so much fun to use. Aah, just got me remembering what AR’s used to be like in Borderlands before GBX ruined them in BL2 :cry:

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I find Roland to be a very loot-friendly character. If you try hard enough, he can, and WILL make any gun work. Coupled with decent survivability and ammo for days, it makes him a perfect choice for a beginner and veteran alike.

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Are you in replay 2.5? I have only reached that with Lilith. Things get much harder then, as I discovered suddenly. I was simply unable to kill Gen. Knoxx, for instance. (He couldn’t kill me, either, but eventually I ran out of ammo.) I’ll keep trying.

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You HAVE to focus on Knoxx’s crit spot to beat him. His suit has ridiculous damage reduction so hitting it is a waste of ammo. When I got my Brick to that point I hit a brick wall too until a friend told me what to do. But yeah, make sure to hit his head.

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re: Knoxx - I found non-elemental weapons worked the best for him, as he’s immune to DOT IIRC. With Lilith I used an SMG (because of her SMG ammo regen). Can’t remember the name now but it was one that shoots bullets in a spiral, that bounce off things. Meant aiming wasn’t too important and it tore strips off him. With Roland, I used a Bulldog shotgun mostly: massive mag size and damage meant Knoxx kept getting knocked back by crits and he didn’t get much chance to launch his attacks at me. And of course ammo regen!

For the Destroyers he calls in from time to time, a Maliwan Crux or Defiler is hard to beat. They melt them in short order. And for the soldiers I used a Hellfire to good effect. Prioritise them as soon as they spawn as their turrets heal Knoxx in the blink of an eye

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Yes–I have beaten Knoxx often, but this was on Playthrough 2.5. The problem was that I could get him to half health or so when the RL Medics came in and healed him. I know that you should take out the medics ASAP, and I did, but by the time that was finished, Knoxx was back to full health. I will try again with my character I am otherwise finished with.

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You can usually kill the turrets faster than you can kill the Medics themselves with a good corrosive weapon, @Stouty22 always yells at me when I do it wrong.

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I yell at you because if you kill the medics first the healing vapes go strait to knoxx and then we have to relower his health lol.

Wow I sound like a uptight douche.

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He isn’t.

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When entering Knoxxs little battle arena at the armoury I find it easier to run to the left where there’s some ironwork you can kite him round.
On some attempts the medics won’t even come over and interfere.