Am I going to be stuck with 15+ minute matchmaking from now on?

I’m cr73 and I pretty much only play meltdown so I’m assuming my elo/mmr is too high which is causing me these long queues. I can get into incursion and capture matches pretty much instantly but I think that is just because I have only played 3-5 games each in those modes. I wouldn’t mind playing those modes at this point but every game I’m playing with people under cr20 and some are even under cr10. So it seems every mode has separate elo/mmr and I need to grind wins to start playing with decent people. When that happens though am I going have to keep dealing with queue times up to 30 minutes? Is there anyway around this besides playing with a full team with various elos?

I play only incursion on ps4 and am finding matches no problem. I’m cr 46 and on average get matches with cr 50-100. In 6 games last night I only played 1 match in which I was with cr<30 players. With the exception of that one match, they were all close games. So I’m guessing Incursion queue will work okay once your mmr is built up.

It will get worse starting May 24th. :wink:

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I wish i had that luck on Ps4, incursion is a graveyard, capture is popular though.

From 5 am to midnight central time, all modes on Xbox one are less than a few minutes to match. Knocks on wood. If its taking super too long, quit and close the game to restart it.