Am I Having The Worse RNG Of Annointed Shield & Grenade?

Cause for the life of me with countless of farming I can’t get those two annointed in legendary rarity. Leendary grenades are much worse. Is there anything else besides bad RNG I’m missing?

I’m sure people want annointed for their trades which able to make people trade me for the stuff I can never get in a long time. I’m seeing a lot of legendary gun annointed but still. Is it really comes down to going to trades with picky traders which is impossible to do? RNG keeps biting me in the butt and it’s friggin annoying.

I been farming Rampager on M3 and Traunt on M4 but I don’t get those often. Things what I really want traders seem to have but what traders want I tried to waste my time to farm but RNG keeps avoiding me.

I don’t know if I can bother with this game anymore man. Everything is down to non generous traders and worst part is I have no friends and no one would want to play with me so I been soloing for a long time

I feel ya man. I’ve been farming for a annointed its piss grenades. I had 13 unannointed in my vault before breaking down and trading for a annointed version

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You on Xbox?

On PS4

I’m pretty sure that’s normal in that they are a lot more rare than anointed weapons.

Never heard about that but if so that kinda unneeded. The weapons seem more powerful in annointed than nades annointed. I think annointed shields can be powerful but overall they all should have annointed equally.

Still it doesn’t help when loot is stingy and traders are stingy. What do I even have left to keep me in this game? I do like to chase for collection of best gear but when I get absolutely nothing for a long long long long time it kinda turns me away.

Makes me wish I didn’t quit Destiny 2 years ago. Their loot pool and RNG wasn’t that bad but… sigh

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If you are farming a dedicated drop your chances of getting the specific item you are wanting is just 3%. So 3 out of 100 attempts (Not drops, attempts regardless of the number of drops per attempt) will be the item you want.

Now, your odds of that item having some sort of anointment on it is less than 1%. Less than 1 out of 100 chance of getting the item you want and it having some random anointment on it.

Getting a specific item with a specific anointment is less than 1 in 1000 odds.

Enjoy farming.


I have a circle of peeps I trade with and we keep an eye out on gear for each other. Best 4 people looking for something rather than just one. Sometimes I get a dry spell and they don’t or they get a dry spell and I don’t. Got a lot of good gear this way, and even if I get a godroll of something and someones looking for it, I will give it to them. Always a chance for another down the road but they obviously need it now more than I do!


I farmed that for 3 hours last night and didn’t even find an non-annointed one. Felt like such a waste of time.


I usually farm world drops and places like the raid, SS and some bosses. I end up with items that i can trade for the specific things I want.

Eventually you will get items everybody wants and them start creating a good arsenal.

In my experience farming the trade chat is A LOT better than farming dedicated drops…

This way I avoid stressing out.

Last week lot of people were looking for a roid rough rider. Got it in like 30 graveward runs. Traded that for a lot of really good items…


I’m not active on the trading board to find out if I have the specific item although I did look time to time and like I don’t have the items they want

I really don’t know what to say. I haven’t play this game much which means I’m not enjoying it. The loot currently is turning me away from it. I have no one to play with nor trade with

Make your own topic looking for what you want then and just list what good anointed items you got 4 trade a fish will bite worked 4 me. Anyways what are ya lookin 4 I’m on ps4 if I got it I’ll send it to ya.

I’m gonna try make a video tomorrow to show my 300+ stuffs since it going to be a hassle for me to list a whole lot I have to trade and I’m talking about 100+ worth of loot I have extras I don’t need

I would really like SMG Homing- MIRV Shock and Radiation and Shotgun Homing - MIRV acid or Bloodletter with +3 Desperate Measures or Elemental Projection Bloodletter with fire damage, Tediore damage

sent u the bloodletter didn’t have tediore smg or shotgun but sent u a pistol 1 if u have any zane or fl4k anointed gear send them my way man

I believe I have some. Going send you them and load up BL3 before turning off my ps4