Am I just getting old or is it hard to read some of this stuff?

Don’t remember it being this dang hard to read the descriptions on items in the previous games. Maybe I’m just getting old tho. Anyone else notice this?

I’m playing on a 27in monitor that is about a foot away from me and I’m not having any issues whatsoever ever. Gotta be old age!

The font size on menus and item cards is smaller than it was in BL2/TPS.

And we’re all getting older…

Time for reading glasses? :wink:


It’s a problem with 4k gaming in general these days. I’m finding a lot of games that are using fonts that are way too small for the size of the screen.

Developers seem to think that since you’re viewing something in 4k your monitor has to be 5 feet wide or something. And they don’t scale that for people using 27’ monitors or 32’ tvs.

I have perfect vision (just had my eyes tested a week ago) and I still struggle with certain text on my smaller monitor, I have to move to my big TV if I want to be able to see everything at a glance.

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My game panel is 5 feet wide (and about 9 feet away) and I have trouble reading the text. And my last flight physical one year ago continued to show me having 20/20 vision (at 61, pretty happy about that).
The text is just too small.

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I haven’t had an issue with the xbox one version of Borderlands 3.

I’m not running a 4k tv though.

But I have noticed some of my games have text that’s way too small. Kerbal Space Program, for example.

Oh. And some apps on my phone have stupid tiny clickable things. And they don’t always have the click zone larger than the button.

you ARE getting old, I know I am too. I

Definatly small writing. You can make subtitles bigger need an option like that for item cards also.

@VaultHunter101 never!! 20/20 vision my whole life! Just how deep my desk is in relation to my chair. It may be more than foot but not much.

It’s way too small. 65” 4K TV. If I want to read it easy, I have to go stand up near the tv real quick.