Am I just unlucky

I’ve done over 9 treasure roon runs in uvhm op8 and still have never gotten a legendary from it. Am I just really unlucky? Even other playthroughs/characters I haven’t gotten any legendaries. Again unlucky?

Well the “Treasure Room” isn’t the best for legendary gear. Try Marcus’ DLC end chest.

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Best I personally have ever seen in the “Treasure Room” are few purple and e-tech items: mostly though it’s been nothing better than blue on my runs.

The only legendary I’ve seen on the Treasure Room is the Thunderball Fists (Maliwan sight + Stability, can’t remember the prefix)

Also saw a non-elemental Emperor in co-op.

Elegant is the prefix :wink:

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Thanks mate.

Nope, not you. I don’t know how many times I have hit that room, and have only seen 1 legendary, it was a bonus package I believe.

Most of my level 50 oranges came from the treasure room. 4 of my level 72 oranges have come from the treasure room. I had a dry streak of 20 - 40 runs before I got another one. And it’s the first orange from there I’ll actually use.

This is a good farm. I’ve gotten some good legendary items from here and a pearl once.

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I’ve honestly gotten quite a few Legendaries from the Treasure Room, 9 runs from the OP isn’t that much though, keep farming.

It’s always bugged me that there isn’t at least one guaranteed orange after you beat the Leviathan the first time, especially since you only get two cracks at the treasure per play-through (officially, anyway.) Same with HSS Hyperius after the fall of Nakayama - pretty frustrating to do all that and walk away with nothing better than e-tech, especially since it’s also only once per play-through.

Well thats just my op8 ive done 30-40 runs in total. Still nothing :frowning:

Agree with that, Nakayama’s loot vault is a pity. Saw a Maggie once, then never again.

I still prefet loot midgets and tubbies, I’ve got good stuff from both sources. Ah, and Torgue vendors too.

EDIT: there are Loot Varkid pods???

What did you see?! Something really neat fall out of a pod when you killed it before it hatched?

No, no. Wam Bam Island during the mission of rescuing Hammer from Crawmerax.

I read that there is some kind of “Treasure Injector” that turns possible to the pods to drop nice loot during that mission, and there is a machine or something like that, that sells those injectors at a cost of 30 eridium. Some people say it is possible to get pearls and oranges from them. I’ll have a look at it later on NVHM probably.

Never seen that. It seems to have a relationship with those green pods you see.

Ah yes, I remember those. Some of the pods are for a specific mission during the DLC; never really explored the others though.

You can only access the Treasure Syringe Dispenser (Located on Retirement Cottages) once the Water Wheel has been turned on, you will need 3 Syringes each costing 10 Eridium, so 30 Eridium is needed in total. Then just go to Treasure Pods inject one follow Varkid, he will die causing a “Loot Splosion” and then a Chest will spawn. Just repeat for each pod.

It does appear that these Chests have a higher chance of High Tier Loot.

Hope this helps.

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Are those pods re-farmeables?

I think so you just are going to be using a lot of eridium.

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Yes, but you have to save and quit.

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