Am I missing something on pvp team balance?

For two games I played today, one was all randoms on our side vs a group of 5 with over twice our average level. Another had no one over level 15 on our team, with a group of 3 on the other team who were all over 50. These were un-fun, one sided games. There is a lot to like in this game, but the pvp at the low / learning level bracket has been unusually unbalanced compared to other MOBAs / multiplayer action games I’ve played. Am I missing something here? If not, is anything being done to address this issue?

don’t think the rank has anything to do with how skilled you are besides having the extra helix options on the BB you pick & knowing the characters strengths & weaknesses, However I have noticed when you get grouped up with people on lower ranks they tend to grab a character they haven’t really played around with and you end up expecting CC or stuns and they never happen.

-Queue is MMR based, not rank based. You can easily grind in PvE and be level 20-30 something before you PvP and of course, it is very smart to get some loadout ready before you PvP anyway.

-MMR is bugged if you queue as a team especially if you queue with a lower MMR-scored player to make it easier to find games. They are currently addressing this but at the same time, it’s kinda necessary if I ever want to find a game.

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It might be worth noting that they increased the range of rating difference in which players might be matched as part of a general improvement to matchmaking.

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I realize that MMR and rank are not the same, but there should be some correlation, esp at lower levels. It’s just odd to me that I regularly have games where one side has mostly new players with no groups vs a side with groups AND much higher average level. I had a game recently where the levels were along the lines of [ 3, 7, 8, 10, 16] vs [42, 27, 9, 20, 52]. And the 52, in this case, was solo. Clearly there was a very large disparity in time played between the two teams, which ended in a 150-700 surrender. Why not swap the 52 to the other team? Maybe I’ve been getting unlucky, but of the last 5 games I’ve played, one was fun / close and the other 4 were total stomps. Seems like something is off here to me on the team balancing algorithm, esp as far as the experience goes of a new player trying to learn the pvp ropes.

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Age is just a number, you shoulda stomped them. They saw that too and would have been over confident.


As mentioned and commented by the dev, the MMR is bugged when someone is in a premade team as bigger teams are currently not properly accounted for in the algorithm. Maybe it makes the MMR so low that they game decide to balance this by adding someone with higher MMR in. After all, this game form a team first before searching for opponents.

This is, of course, nothing but guesses and assumptions because I’m not in anyway part of the dev team but something I base off the performance of how the game work when I queue with different amount of party members and how the opponent team is made based on the rating of the people I give to each one I fought before.

I definitely understand the point of wanting to learn PvP in this game without being stomped by high level players.
I was never really into PvP in other games and have spend most of my BB playtime on PvE missions.
And in my first PvP game, I (CR 16 at that time) was matched against a team with two players with 40+ CR.
At first, it scared the crap out of me. But after playing some more I realized that, based on me having the starting rating, their rating couldn’t be that high either.

And as a side note, I take more pleasure in winning against someone who thinks he should be better by default :grin:

The sad thing about that is, that you as an individual can decide to not be bothered by a difference in Command Ranks, while you cannot directly influence your teammates’ view on this (Seen enough people quitting matchmaking due to stuff like this).
Of course that’s a whole different thing, if you actually get a match running. Then it’s all about team communication and morale.

I know what you mean, although I wouldn’t call this a bug at this point. I think this is more of a design philosophy question. How do you calculate a group rating? Should it be an average, or the lowest shared rating? Anyway, it would have to be a complex formula that won’t always work out fine.

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