Am I missing something?

Ive gone through the beginning part where you find Gladstone looking for the Gwens head and the box is gone. Has the latest patch or whatever removed this? Or does anybody know?

Isn’t there more than one spot where the box can spawn?

It’s a random spawn. Not sure of the spawn rate nor the other locations, but I’ve had it spawn in the room where you first meet Gladstone maybe 10% of the time.

There’s a good video guide listing all the spawn locations in sequence. I’ve actually had two spawn in the same run before. Trying to remember who posted the guide - amazing jayman or afro samaurai perhaps?

Anyway, spawn locations from the initial spawn point are:

  1. In the first large room you enter with the footbridge running across it half-way down, just on the pile of “goo” encasing one end of the bridge
  2. In the room just past the master circuit breaker for the electrical fences, hanging from a chain in the ceiling
  3. In the Stingray assembly area, on top of one of the “vents” at ground level the midgets spawn from (on the left as you look from the initial entry point)
  4. In the open area with the stingray “flight decks”, just below the building you go up to to meet Gladstone
  5. Inside the room where you meet Gladstone