Am I playing Aurelia wrong?

So a relative newcomer to TPS. I’ve beaten the game with Wilhelm and Aurelia about… 2 years ago. I did so without any sort of information, so I’m trying to see if what I did before was wrong as I go through the game again.

Anywho, my build was this at level 25. Normally, with characters, I immediately start going into another tree to capitalize on delicious T1 or T2 skills. But with Aurelia, I felt kinda weird. I’m pretty bad at getting consistent critical hits, which is why I never try to do a sniper playstyle.

As a result, I put my further points into her cryo tree, resulting in this build. It’s probably a bad idea or something, so I’m looking for advice. I really, really like the whole cryo thing with Aurelia (and her snooty personality), which is what made me pick her first when I started playing.

Could someone tell me if I’m doing badly/what I’m doing wrong? I’m also entirely ignorant on the good gear for her.

I’ve only played her once, through to level 50, so definitely not an expert and take what I say with a pinch of salt…

My general approach through NVHM is usually to build across a couple of skills and not worry about capstones until level 30. This is because there are really good game-changing mid-tier skills and NVHM generally doesn’t need the boost from the capstones as badly.

Looking at your build, you might want to consider moving things around a bit. I found Bitter Risposte useful since it helps manage mobs a bit better, which is hard to do with what’s basically a sniper character. Frigid Touch also helps with healing.

I would suggest that you’re missing out a bit on the left tree. Putting points into Markswoman and Only the Best will make a difference in your ability to land critical hits from range, and Warning Shot is there to help out when you inevitably miss. Increased aim speed will give you a better chance of landing critical hits.

Gear wise, for NVHM again I just tend to roll with what I find along the way or can pass down from higher level characters. Vladof snipers are really good, and a Machine is always great fun. Complement that with Vladof pistols, a decent shield (I tend to go Turtle or Adaptive), and something to deal with shields, and you should be in decent shape for most things.

Now the final story boss is something else - I did that in co-op, tbh.

You should be able to do well with that build.

Are you having trouble getting kills and/or dying too much (or is this a rhetorical question)?
What COM(s) are you using with it?
Are enemies freezing solid often?
Dutchess is a great skill for two points if you’re down to spare them.

I’d say you could free up points from Winter’s veil and Bitter ripposte. You do want both to have 1 point in them for the amazing freezing effects, especially on Bitter riposte but that is the same on 1 and 5 points only their damage goes up. Bitter riposte does great damage on higher levels but not worth the points just for that IMO. Both work best with low delay, high recharge rate shields which is why Aurelia likes those. That means mostly Tediore shields but nothing wrong with anything else with good parts either, especially when leveling up.

With going full mid tree I’d say your best bet for mobbing would be accurate SMG’s, Hyperion or maybe Scav shotguns, Vladof or Hyperion pistols and maybe accurate AR’s. Droogs and Skullmasher wouldn’t be bad for snipers. All of that preferably on cryo element (except Skullmasher but I wouldn’t go farm that now anyway) but you probably want to have something in lighning for sturdy shields too. You might want to put a point or 2 in Dutchess for some pretty big accuracy boosts in longer runs. What guns are you mainly using?

Short summer and Frigid touch don’t necessarily need full 5 points for good effects. I think I run Frigid with 3 points and Short summer with 2 at lvl 70.

Maybe something like this to give you a nice boost on your crits and benefit from Dutchess for now. If you miss the points you had in the mid tree you can build back into them but this would give you a lot more damage output with what points you have now without messing much with what you’ve decided to build for so far.

Just hi.

Started playing BtPS today, had it … well for years I guess. Man is this an annoying character, but her initial skills looked interesting.

I love her Huntress tree, and her Cold Money tree is a pleasant surprise. Haven’t had the pleasure of really diving into her Contractual Aristocracy tree in either a Master or Servant role though. How many of her skills have you tried?

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Only have tried literally two skills (really at the beginning of things). On the Huntress tree started with “Only the best” 'cause I love large mags (mostly have played B2 and Bandit guns are my fav), can’t really tell much with it at this point and the other option - what the heck is “aim speed” anyway?

On Cold Money, I went with Bitter riposte - I prefer to start by sniping and I love watching that frost dart do it’s thing. Very fun.

It’s how fast the animation to aim down the sights is (faster means she puts the scope to her eye quick, like Axton’s Expertise skill).

Thanks for the clarification!

I personally love her with a loaded cryo tree. For one, it helps survival with healing (Frigid Touch) and damage reduction (Whiteout), but it’s also powerful on the attack. You can pretty much clear a room with just her action skill, then just pick off stragglers at your leisure. I’d say it’s the best way to go especially if running solo. And I can confirm that it holds up at least in TVHM (haven’t got to UVHM yet)
Despite being a sniper character her sniper tree isn’t too remarkable overall, IMO.
Her Contractual Aristocracy tree is really pretty cool if you’re consistently playing with others, the boons it offers to Aurelia and her servant are pretty nice. I’d love to explore it more but I don’t co-op regularly enough for it.

I think it’s very remarkable. Markswoman and Culling the herd are easy big DPS boosts to everyone. Long-range killer too to an extent, definitly worth the one point if your not exclusively using shotguns or something. Silver lining is great for shotguns and snipers and Magic bullet can be used to get a second wind by simply having a sniper in your loadout if you are near an enemy during FFYL. The only truly underwhelming thing in that tree is …Wait for it which should never have been a skill to begin with. The capstone skill is awesomesauce for snipers and I love how it brings and extra element (pun intended) between the aiming and shooting.

For the co-op tree you do want to grab QnQ at some point. It’s just a hefty passive boost to your performance and using 3 extra points to get it is not so bad. Same thing with NtC which makes you waste 1 more point to a co-op skill but again offers a nice passive bonus to gunplay.