Am I the best Meltdown player?

Lately, I win about 75% of my Meltdown games when playing my main characters. I focus on getting shards, killing minions and deal damage. Every match, I got arround 13K shards, 150K damage and 70 minions. I only lose when 2 or 3 teammates are complete noobs. But… When I pick any Tank, I suck. How is it possible that so few teammates get the idea of Meltdown. I can make our team win, but I sometimes want to pick another Hero, I end up losing cause my teammates only focus on killing enemy players. Do you guys expierence the same, of am I just very good in Meltdown with my main?

Its not an uncommon happening amongst gamers, I as well feel this same trend. It probably has a lot to do with matchmaking and how it gives you teammates. However, while winning a unproportionally large amount of my games, Ive had the full range of experiences; Ragequitters, last second comebacks, total roflstomps both given and recieved, great stalemated games, and totally carrying/getting carried.

All in all, its up to luck on who your teammates are. You will experience trends and such that will vary in length but its not uncommon. If you can carry as well as you do with your main, youre doing something right and you should continue to develop that. I know its annoying and you want to play someone else but if thats the case, youll have to bite the bullet and learn to carry a new way.

Edit: In my experience, theres always someone better, I wouldnt jump to saying Im the best. But dont take that negatively, its a mindset we should all have so even if we become the best, we still try to better ourselves and raise that bar

No, that title belongs to Minrec.


Yeah I definitely get what you’re saying. I find myself topping all 10 players in minion kills and kills also when playing any character aside from tanks. I’m even able to do so with Ambra, Alani, and Reyna, although I’m god awful with Montana, Galilea, ISIC, among others. With characters like Thorn or Dragon or Oscar Mike I can

For example, with El Dragon I’ve lost 12 games out of 70 that played while mastering him. I also have a K/D above 3, along with probably 80 minion kills per game. I do still have many close games down to the wire and get blown out, but I do my best to help the team, but in scenarios like that, with someone like Oscar Mike I can prevent a blow out where Benedict is practically useless.

What I find infuriating is when I’m matched with teammates that get sub-10 minion kills while I’m on 60+. There is only so much I can do, guys! Like really? I’m playing as Phoebe and get 6-7 times as many minion kills as my team’s Orendi and Oscar Mike??? It’s not that they even died that much! (maybe they go 1-3 or something like that, but just kill no minions).

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There is a more than even chanced that they have relaxed Matchmaking to try to speed up finding games.

I’ve been finding matches in under a minute, consistently, for the last couple of days.

These matches have been…less difficult, than I was growing accustomed to.

I’m happy to have a chance to play.

I think it’s a trade off. Either we allow for somewhat poorer matches and more games, or we wait a lot longer and get stronger matches.

The funny thing is, people are upset either way.

Funnier still, one of the best ways for some of these weaker players to get better, is to have a chance to play with people who are stronger and willing to show them the ropes. If you find yourself upset that someone isn’t great at the game, it may be worth hopping on the mic and trying to help them out.

All ships rise with the tide.


I agree, learn with the better players, but I’ve found a little different scenario while consistently playing the past few weeks… I’m sure we all have our anecdotal experiences, so I’m just throwing in mine here for sake of argument.

While the matchmaking is a bit quicker, I’ve experienced far too many unbalanced matches that actually hurt the new(ish) players’ experience. I absolutely understand that’s a fine line to tread: making your dedicated 200+ hour players happy (and playing), and gathering new players to learn, enjoy, and stick with the game. However, I’ve been on the mic, trying to help a team of four level ~20 players against a pre-made level 100 team (all with 300+ hours). It’s hard. They are demoralized from the start (even though it’s been stated Command Rank isn’t skill – which is just not true).

Here’s my other thread explaining this very issue.

Hope you understand my point; I’m not exactly complaining re: quicker matches, but I am very concerned with the new players getting turned away by very uneven experiences; it’s just not fun getting wasted. I’m level 97, ~140 hours (36 the past two weeks) just FYI.


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I completely understand this as well, and honestly it’s hard, because Battleborn is a game with a relatively high skill cap.

If someone picks up a copy of COD, and they’ve ever played and FPS, in 30 minutes they can at least figure out what’s going on.

Add to that the massive population base, and matchmaking sorts itself out pretty quickly over there.

In a game like this, the variability in skill is much wider. It’s very hard to be good, and very easy to be bad, and when you’re bad you’re very bad.

The result is that games are always going to be difficult to match perfectly. There just aren’t enough very skilled players to go around.

Back when ELO was tight, I was getting matched with the same 20 people over and over again. The problem was that I have a 60-70% win ratio and a lot of kills, so I got matched against very difficult opponents. This led to some good games, but was honestly exhausting.

Recently, I’ve gotten a mixed bag, tons of players I’ve never seen before of various skill levels. There are times when I wonder why on Earth I’m playing against people who barely know how to shoot straight, but also times when I’m seeing playstyles and team comps that are wildly more interesting than what I’d see at high levels.

I’ve found it to be a breath of fresh air.

I hope that some of these newer players keep at it long enough to gain experience, accept the fact that they won’t win every game, and try to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

While I do think there are some improvements that can be made in match-making, I think this is what is necessary to get us a large and robust player population, especially in a game this complex.

It’s very late over here, so I hope some of that made sense.



Yeah, I totally get you!

The only contradiction I see (and not on part to your point, but moreover experiences I’m seeing in game and on the forums here), is that the new players just aren’t having fun – as you said, the skill cap is high, so it’s hard to stick with it, learn, etc. when you lose bad. I too like the new players, new comps, faster matchmaking, etc. It’s wonderful… but I’m really hard pressed to see new players stick with it while getting rolled as often as they are.

This is an absolutely hard situation for this game to be in; I love this game to death, so I’ll try and do everything I can to help random teams learn, keep morale up, and finish the games.

Anyway, great points… I hope it all fits into place soon.

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I wonder if there could be a tutorial mode for people under CR20 (as an example), or maybe for people who haven’t played at least 5 PVP games.

Smite does something like this.

Basically, you would get a walkthrough of each mode narrated by Melka or something.

It would teach you step by step how to play in a fun, engaging way. Maybe there might even be a little story to it, in order to bridge the gap between PVP and PVE players.

After the tutorial, you would need to win/play 5 matches against bots before you could go into public matchmaking.

Maybe there could be a checklist of things you need to accomplish:

  1. Play as a support character.
  2. Kill ten Battleborn.
  3. Sacrifice 50 minions.
  4. Build one Super Minion.
  5. Upgrade 10 turrets.
  6. etc…

Give people a taste of how the modes work in a safe environment.

The bots are good, but I’m more convinced than ever that to enjoy this game fully, you need someone holding your hand for a little while.


If they could do this that would be absolutely brilliant.

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I usually own meltdown with Toby as he can control a lane by himself so long as I have at least 1 teammate to keep enemies from rushing my sniper perch.

I think my record was 107 minions killed in a match so far.

You’re the best … around

Nothing’s ever gonna keep you down.

I agree, allthough that was not exactly my point in OP. Beside the noobs that just have no clue what to do, a lot of experienced players just suck in understanding Meltdown. I don’t mind level 3 players that are bad, since they have to learn. I just find it weird leve 78 players finish a game with Thorn with 11 minions, 1 kill and 6000 shards. Wtf have you been doing all match:(

I play it like you I often end up first in Minion kills, shards, buildables built, objectives, but so many just focus on players and even when I try and explain they still just focus on players.

There have been countless times when either I’m coming back from going back to base or from a death and I see an empty lane with an entire group of minions about to get in, none of my teammates are dead, and that lane has 2 enemies and an untouched minion wave, I put myself in front of it to try and stop it and many times die in the process but kill all the wave, then I see they somehow also scored on the other side. If my side was 1 v 2 and no minions killed the other side should be 4 v 3 and there is no way we should get scored on but we do because they are also no in that lane but just running around chasing.

Meltdown is all about lane control and holding your ground.

You r the kind of player I want in my team. That is pretty much how I play as well. I play with my brother a lot. We prefer to play the same lane, but are forced to both pick another lane. Teammates just don’t clear the minions a lot.