Am I the only one having trouble with Alani's Lore?

I am not fond of Alani’s Lore challenge of “Another Million And We’re Even” because I hardly see anyone playing as Ambra anymore. It is really rare to fight against here and when I do I might not even get the chance to kill her because my team once surrendered before I killed her even once. Am I the only on who does not like Lore Challenges that are dependent on what my enemies choose?

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You are nowhere close to the only one who doesn’t like these lore challenges. I hated it. Finally got it yesterday with Alani thanks to my team working together to net me seven kills on Ambra. That’s the trick really. you need to ring in a good team and a good amount of luck.

Other than that the riptide challenge has me stumped. I have one possible way to farm for it but haven’t been able to test it out because you need five players and none of my regular guys have been on in a couple days. Unless anyone else has done that challenge and would like to point me in the right direction. Cuz it sure as hell aint happening with randoms.

My fiance plays her currently and I think the Riptide-challange is even harder than the Ambra-kill-challange. Its really gonna take a loooooong while.

I´ll start Ambra soon so more people can kill her/me. I like her character ALOT and since I get stomped in PvP exclusively I think people can stomp me for lore even better lol

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Yea that will make you a target. a big one being hunted by possibly two different characters( seriously, why Ambra twice Gbx?)

Anyway if you guys want to try my strategy it’s just to get 5 Alani’s in a game together on the algorithm and sit in the gas room after fighting Geof. Just keep cycling everyone’s riptides and if you get low on health step out. also I can confirm that the challenge will count in story but it will not count if you just load up the game and start spamming it (I believe you need to actually heal all the group members or something).

If anyone tries this let me know how it turns out in case I haven’t done it myself by then.

Alani’s lore aren’t the only ones that are really difficult. It would nice to see Gearbox tweaking the super difficult ones to help us out a bit. For the kill a specific character challenges, I think assists should count, so people aren’t competing for kills, especially if two people need to kill the same character.

Is that really a thing the lore not counting if you are in the beginning of the mission? Because I tried that with some friends and not a single one of us was able to get credit when we tried using it at the beginning of the mission.

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Gearbox have confirmed that they are looking into changing these lore challenges.


yea same. That’s why I suggested spamming it in the gas room. taking damage and healing might be the key.

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I suppose I’ll give that a try then. Thank you!

Riptide is super easy actually, just spam it when everyone’s aligned during the pre-match phase of a PvP match :wink: It will take some time, but it’s way easier !

And I’ve been playing Ambra too for this exact same reason. Well, I don’t go without a fight so don’t expect free Ambra kill though !

I’ve tried spamming pre match. Dosent count it. It’s the same problem as when you load into a Pve and start spamming it. Can you acctually confirm getting points for the challenge that way because I may just be doing something wrong.

Yup, seems to. I’m not actually the one doing it, but my duo partner does and confirmed it works. However people have to be aligned well - or at least walk into the riptide once it’s deployed.

It’s the same problem for Galilea’s challenge. :confused:

You figure that the people might acctually have to move? The thing hastens so it would make sense versus people standing still. I think the real problem here is figuring out what that word “affect” entails. With that solved this should be no problem with the right setup

I tried pre match as well. No dice. As everyone leaves is your best bet. Meltdown or Capture since they can only leave through one door.